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I don't know if I'm truly shy


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I sometimes confuse myself. At first I would label myself as shy, but I think I'm just reserved, introverted, you know? Anyway, here are some things I've done:


In a lab class, I saw the cutest girl in the class and say by her. I asked her to be my lab partner and she said yes. I was able to comfortably talk to her.


I've done this in other classes with really cute girls, asked them to be my partner and it wasn't a big deal.


Would you still label me as shy if I've never asked a girl out? Honestly, most of the time that I act like I do (people would probably describe it as quiet or distant) I don't realize I'm doing it. I think a lot, maybe I should pay better attention to my behavior. And I don't really feel nervous around girls, even very attractive ones. Is it that I'm just scared of rejection your think? Do I sound like an overly "shy" person?

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Well.. There are those out there that are very much open with others. They'll chat, laugh, cry, whatever it may be.


Then there are those that are very much shy. Being uncomfortable in situations that others are okay with.


Then.. There are those that are neither.

They choose the situations and make decisions on their social activity very carefully. Inherently evil, they are very cold and calculating people on the inside. But control their emotions such that people think of them the way "they" want to be seen.

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I don't think a very shy person would be able to go up to the cutest girl in the class and ask her to be his partner and then converse comfortably.You should consider yourself lucky as shyness can be an enormous handicap when trying to meet members of the opposite sex.

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First, Depends how old you are. Second, you said you think a lot, then you said maybe you should pay better attention to your behaviour - well, isn't that gonna make you think more? Third, everyone is scared of rejection at first, but then you will get to like "the chase".


To answer your question, you are normal. Shy in somethings, not shy in others. I am not shy speaking to girls, but I am shy when I speak in front of crowds.

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