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what to do on a date???


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hello everyone, ive been going out with this girl for 3 months now and i must say its going pretty good. although i find myself in a bit of a delima...i cant really think of anything to do when we go out...i mean we must have gone to 2497895274 movies since weve been going out lol and she comes down to my place and i go down to hers, but id just like to do something different but cant think of anything...any ideas?



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Save the walks in the park and the picnics for the Spring. Where I am (Atlanta GA) some days the weather is still okay for that but as I was typing it I realized you were much further North than I am and that's probably not the case where you are LOL!!



haha well some days are ok for a short walk...it dosnt get overly cold here about -18 with the wind chill and its usually snowing...but hey...i live on what we call "the rock"...if you dont like the weather on the rock wait 5 minutes haha

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You could learn a nice trick, you find it on metacafe [dot] com.

search for Napkin Lotus, Flower, Rose and you will find the video.


Tell her that you will have lunch of dinner in the nature... instead of bringin her to the woods or park, arrange the living room with plants and surprise her with a romanti dinner.


Remember the flowers : P

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