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Should I write him a postcard while on vacation


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So here I am, on vacation at the beach, and I can´t stop thinking about him. We went on so many great vacations together. We were together 6 years. We broke up about two and a half months ago. We have exchanged a brief email, and then he text messaged me on New Years day saying he missed me. I told him I missed him to. He asked where I was, I told him, then he texted back that he had seen a friend of mine and wanted to know when I was going back to law school. I didn´t respond. Now I´m here on vacation and I was thinking of sending him a post card that said


`` Hey, I´m in Mexico for a week and then doing some work in Texas. I´ll be back home in two weeks for a few days before I head back to school. Maybe we can meet up. I wish you were here.¨


Is this a bad idea....

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Well we broke up because he said he didn´t know if he wanted to marry me. We´re both 26 and I´m finishing law school and he was applying for business school. It happened over the phone while we were long distance. I think I was pressuring for a commitment and he wasn´t ready to give one. There was no fight, it just happened on the phone. It was just sad. I know he´s told friends that it is hard. He called and texted me after we broke up saying he loved me and missed me. But I told him that if this is what he wanted he couldn´t do that because it would mess with my head. So we haven´t really communicated. we emailed once, but I couldn´t keep it up because it hurt to much to have casual communication. Then he saw my best friend, she told him I would be willing to make it work. Then on News Year day I got the text message saying he missed me. I think he knows not to say that unless he means it, but I don´t know. Being on vacation makes me really want to be with him. I´ve always wanted to get back together, but I just realize how much I really do love him. I want him to know that. I don´t know. I told him when we broke up I didn´t think breaking up was right. I miss him.

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Thanks for the inner details Lilacs.It sounds to me that both of you have had time to think hard about what you both mean to each other.

Sometimes it takes time apart to really appreciate what you actually had.

I feel through your post that you both feel the need to be with each other.You are both in contact,so by sending him a postcard you are not breaking any NC rule.


It will do no harm to send him a postcard,afterall he made contact with you,so why not reciprocate.I just hope if you two truly love each other that you can come together and make it work.There is nothing worse than wasted love.Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

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I sent him a postcard, it said "Hey, I'm in Mexico then I'll be in Texas for a week. I'll be home for a day or two then I'll head back to law school. Maybe we can catch up then. Wish you were here."


I arrived back in the states just a little bit ago. I was a little bummed I hadn't received any more communication from him. But he did contact me last. We shall see. Trying to be positive no matter what. Sometimes it's hard though. I really do wish he had been there with me.

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