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Should I tell her out of the blue or wait till I hear from her ?


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She left me 4 months ago to go back with her Ex, I was with her for a little over 2 years, I treated her great but she never got over him, even tho he did not treat her good then, now shes living with him and gonna marry him.

She wants to be my friend but its too hard for me, I am going NC but want to tell her, she was nice about breaking up with me if you can be about a thing like that, so I just dont think I should ignore her when she contacts me again, becasue I think she will, she emails me sometimes and I respond, but I never contact her.

She has been away for 3 weeks and is now back, I have not heard from her yet, should I just send a email out of the blue saying I am walking away ? or wait till I her from her then send it ? My friend said it would be weird if I sent it now becasue I have not heard from her in over 3 weeks and I should wait till I hear from her first then send it. What do you think ?

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as a general rule, i think all contact should be initiated by the dumper unless the dumpee has an emergency. I mean, dumpees already got slapped in the face by the breakup, so why should they do all the work?


so, don't contact her unless she contacts you. and, if you feel uncomfortable about it, then let her know and tell her you just need some time before you can talk like friends again. Or, you can just do what anxiousgirl said and ignore her completely. Actions speak louder than words!

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