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how to move on after closure

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thx to gilgamesh,knctrnl22 and tubman01 for their help on my last post.


i phoned my ex last nite and i got the answers to my questions.im at peace with my self about the relationship and im in a position to move on.


i jus want to know how to do this.i just want to get on with my life and be in a position to take on the challenges that lie ahead.


ive learnt so much from the relationship that ended and i have no more regrets or feelings for her.i just want that to be a chapter of my past.


any tips on how to move on and to stop thinking about her at all would be great thx.

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just keep your mind busy with other things. find hobbies, or do other things that will keep your mind off of her. go out & meet new people, not nesscarily girls to date, but anyone. hang out with your friends. soon you will find that even when you aren't doing anything, your mind won't be on her.

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