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Hairpiece Trauma

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Hi, I wear a hairpiece and it controls my life. It's one of those expensive ones which look natural and are undetectable but cost a lot to maintain and are really only found out when touched. Am scared whenever i get into a relationship and even one ex commented on why i kept on stopping her touch my hair. i dont have the courage to take it off and throw it in the bin which i'd love to do but it's driving me insane. Currently am single but have never told a partner that i wear a hair piece because i'm not sure how to!!! Any advice (apart from chucking it, which i know is the right thing to do but i'm not strong enough to do it).

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most men go bald... fact of life! so most women accept it.


look at it this way... if a women is only attracted to a man with a full head of hair, sooner or later you've got to tell her, so why waste all that time to get your heart broken later?


lots of men go boldly bald by just shaving their heads! lots of women think that is a really macho look!


so i think i would do whatever YOU feel most comfortable with. if you really hate the piece, stop wearing it, and go for the macho shaved look! you'll attract someone who likes it.


and if you prefer the piece, then wear it, and after you've been on a few dates, talk to her about ir. she may like it on you or not care, but either way, she's got to know sooner or later!

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well, if you are in a relationship with someone you really care for there is no reason why you cant tell her. if i dated a guy and he told me he wore one, i could care less. when you are with someone who you are starting to get serious just say i have a lil secret i want to let you know about...


i would even consider not wearing it at all, then you never have to bring it up! im sure that you wear one bc you feel much more comfortable with it...

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I think you should just face your fear and take it off! Maybe start slow, like not wearing it around the house, and whenever you visit family. Do your close friends know about it? If they don't, that could be your next step.


Sounds like you're making it harder than it really is to say something to anyone, so just reanalyze why it is that you like having a hairpiece, and why you wish you could just throw it away. I'm sure that there are a lot of men who can relate to how you feel, but in my point of view, I wouldn't think any less of you for wanting to wear one... or not!

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definitely take it off. you'll feel better about showing the real you to love interests, as well as to the whole world. i think 90% of men look fantastic with a shaved head. if you send me a picture through private message, i'll give you my honest opinion on whether you fall in the 10% that need hair.

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Thanks for your support and kind messages. I've been wearing one since my early 20's and now i'm in my mid 30's so obviously thats a big chunk of my life. I'm seen as quite a good-looking guy (even tho its fake and a lot of my friends/family don't even know. Obviously some do and don't let on but i'm sure the majority don't. Just don't have the strength/courage to remove it even tho it costs me a fortune to maintain and replace every few months. I know your real friends and family wouldn't think less of you but i just look a different person without it. I know i'll carry on with it for the time-being. Just letting off a bit of steam as its killing me inside. many thanks for your kind messages. love you all x

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Couldn't care less about men with hair - just burn it and shave your head. I would a GAZILLION times prefer a sexy, macho man with a shaved head than someone wearing a hair piece. Think how fabulous you would feel to just be you. I have only ever met one woman for whom hair was an issue, and she like LONG hair on a guy. No other woman I have ever known has cared. Seriously, ditch it - no one will care, and you'll feel so much better.

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oh, just take it off


my bf is 27 and he's bald so he shaves his head.


Thats normal.

All guys are now getting bold sooner.


It's the same as women having cellulite

You wouldn't dump a woman in case she's not perfect, right?


Well we females are not crazy either - we are not into looks that much.

So many qualities we seek ask us too erase some of requirements.

Saying he doesn't need to have hair on the top of the head is not even a compromise.

Hair is so redundant in this equation that it simply even doesn't count!


Do you wanna spend all your life finding ways not to go swimming in the sea?

Sleeping with that thing on your head because she's sleeping next to you?

Feeling hot during summer?

Waiting for a strong wind (j/k)

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if you make a big deal out of it, she will too.

I wouldn't mention it in regular conversation, but if someone you're dating reaches over and feels that it's not real, then make a joke out of it


"Sara meet, Poncho, Poncho, Sara"


or be upfront and say, "yeah it's fake. I'm perfecting my sexy."


Women love humor and it will make the situation less traumatic if it's brushed off, as it should be.

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Id like to share a recent experience... I like this guy who I've "known" for a long time. Recently I told him how i felt, but he admitted to me he's very sensitive about the fact that he's lost most of his hair over time. He talked to me about getting a hairpiece, and was seriously considering it. He asked my opinion, and I can tell you honestly- I couldnt care either way. I think he's gorgeous (inside and out) the way he is, and if the hairpiece makes him feel better then I support his decision, but it wasnt necessary for me to like him for sure.


In the end, he decided against it- and it hasnt changed my feelings for him at all

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