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Well - still holding out hope for reconciliation with my ex but I haven't put my life on hold.


I've been on and off match for many many months. Mostly I've met guys I can be friends with but there isn't much else there for me BUT I've had fun. One guy and I flirt off and on... mostly when either one of us is particularly bored.


So back in August I met a guy who I found interesting! So I winked and he winked back and we started to email. That let to a phone conversation and boy aren't those first ones awkward!


That led to texting and then I needed to be out of town so we continued to text night and day... super flirting, super fun, super sarcastic. We were both having fun... saying the funny I love you's and talking about moving in together and what type of commute he'd have to work. I could match his wit and he liked that and so we started talking more on the phone and I invited him to an event that I had tickets for which at first he said yes and then POOF... he disapeared.


Of course I took it personal. I was angry that he blew off this event. I texted him about it and then emailed him that I blocked him on match. I was pissed to be treated like such.


Weird thing though... he kept checking my profile... I just let it go but a few weeks past and I wasn't so angry anymore... I had let it go so I unblocked him and kept about my business... still he would check out my profile.


So I was feeling a bit "whatever" and sent an email about why he keeps checking my profile if he just wants to ignore me? He emailed back that he thought I had blocked him and he was just curious as why he could still see my profile. So I explained that I was angry and I had only blocked him from emailing me and then he replied that he was very sorry for what he had done and just figured that he just wasn't ready as he thought he was. I was like -okay, I don't mind being friends as he was quite a humorous guy and lord knows I still would like to work out things with my ex. But, again he disapeared!


So after Thanksgiving I tried to offer the olive branch again and just ask of his holiday and he replied but again he dispeared!


So close to Christmas I thought I'd mess with him a bit (since we used to joke around so much and this is the type of person he is...) I sent an email stating I was engaged! He sent the most loving, sweet message back! Of course then I replied that I was just goofing with him and wished him a Merry Christmas... again he disppeared.


So it's clear that its not going to work being friends with this guy. And, that is too bad because I could really use more friends since my breakup. All my super close friends live 1 to 5 hours away from me. I'm in a higher position at work and when I have socialized with co-workers my boss super frowns on it. So meeting new people and getting out is what I need... not working with this one though.


So after that last attempt to draw him in... I walked away. Finished. All we had were some super fun moments - certainly not even much of a dating relationship and I wasn't going to work so hard just to be friends with a guy I have no history with.


weird thing though ---- 4 weeks now... he just checked out my profile again... But, I'm over it... he can keep checking!


It just made me think that if this guy I barely knew still thinks about me from time to time and this other guy that I did have a few dates with called me and tells me how bad he wants to be in my life and how he never chases woman that they always chase him but he can't help but to chase me.... ANYWAY it all made me think that with all the history I have with my ex he msut think about me from time to time too! Maybe with enough time he'll wonder like these other guys about me as well....


Just thoughts....

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Oh, internet dating is SOOOOOO exhausting. Your story just made my stomach flip as I consider venturing into the link removed world. Bleahhhhhhh. Well just because this one didn't work out doesn't mean you can't make more friends on match and even possibly find a potential lover...


Yes, reportedly men love the chase. On some level everyone wants want they can't have. Of course your ex thinks of you from time to time. Not that you've confessed to any recent missteps in your new persona as the Queen of LC I still maintain you should stop all contact with him for a while and see if HE contacts YOU.


Just my humble opinion!

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Thanks - I have let that go to! I haven't contacted him now in many many days. I think I'll lay low for awhile and see what happens. If we go some time and no contact I think I'll just be silly and send a Happy Presidents Day card (that is still over a month away!) and see if he bites. I still think of him of course! But, it would be nice if he contacted me!


Don't fret about match - like I said it has been fun! And I have met guys to be friends with. One guy I met and in just a few days said "hey - do you feel adventurous? How bout showing up at my high school reunion with me in a few weeks!" It was totally fun (and showing up in a corvette with my ex there didn't hurt a bit either!!!!!)


The funniest thing is one guy I really liked and he really like me had the most pathetic profile... basically he'd been dumped and he was heartbroken... well so was I so I bit and we hit it off... hanging out with each other... there was definitely physical attraction... and the neatest thing was that if either of our ex's wanted to get back with us - we'll we had no qualms about that was where we'd rather be. Luckily for him after his ex put him through the ringer they did get back together and moved in and had a baby! I was very happy for him - he was a super sweet, nice guy!


So I say take that jump with match!

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