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metalheads attractive?


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just out of curiosity, I was wondering if women found this type of guy attractive. Hair down their back, lots of denim/leather, bands shirts, tattoo's etc.


I'm interested because i recently met this amazing girl who aint really into the metal world. Never been nervous about asking a girl out till now, mainly because they were into similar things. sacred ****less for once and am thinking about a change, but thought i'd find somewhere to ask a question like this and get some other opinions.

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Welcome to ENA Megadeth!


Doesn't it depend on the woman? Depends on her age, her upbringing, her tastes and her ambitions.


Also depends on how the guy wears it. I personally am into metal but find that many guys who do the whole metal look look....well, a bit sad. The guys who do it convincingly are rare, and even if I found a guy attractive the fact that he wears his hair long and has tatts/leather etc would raise questions for me about his ambitions and goals in life.


The thing to avoid I guess is typecasting yourself too much - why not give someone a chance to get to know who you are inside before they judge you too much on how you look? As I have gotten older I have liked it less and less that people know that I like metal and I keep it to myself. It is too often associated with losers. So you like metal, that's fine. The girl you fancy might not (and she many never like it - for me, I cannot get my husband to appreciate it!), and she might not respect your music taste (yet). I find that most people actually haven't heard what I think of as good metal, and judge me according to their preconceived view of metal music based on what they hate.

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Not in Britian as the whole heavy metal/metalhead thing died out long ago. The only girls over here that would be attracted to a metal head are the girls who are metal heads themselves, but I've not seen one for years, probably not since the early 90's, and even then they still weren't common.


It depends on where you live I guess, if you live somewhere in the States or whatever in an area where there's a thriving heavymetal culture then you'll be fine.

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I am very much into metalmusic, and I like long haired guys if they have the type of hair that looks good. I don't like 'scenes' and their dresscodes as such though- I frequently go to metal concerts and feel a bit of an outsider because I don't fit the general picture. I think that has nothing to do with metal, but with the codes in the social group that is tied to it.


I agree it depends on the woman, and I strongly agree with caro that 'typecasting yourself' is risky- just be yourself. Do you want a girlfriend who is into the same music, into the same scene?

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It does depend on the woman. If I like a guy, his style really isn't an issue. So long as he looks 'decent'.


I agree with Caro. Just avoid putting yourself into some sort of box too much.

Let many aspects of your personality show.


Wearing the full regalia makes sense when going to a show or something, but I have found some take it a bit too far. I mean, it's ok to dress to suit the occasion. Dinner out when I wear a dress, it's nice when the other dresses up a bit too.


You mentioned you are ready for a change. That's cool. Have some fun with that.


Personally, I think as we get older the outside tends to be less our main way of expressing ourselves. Like as teens, a main expression seems to be clothes and this is how they send out a message about how they are. But as we get older, we don't need to rely on that. We can let the insides speak and be comfy with a wide variety of aspects of ourselves.


As a slight tangent, my first bf was quite into metal and I was not originally. I was externally on the other end of the spectrum from him, and it really didn't matter. We had deep commonalities, and the differences enriched the relationship and made it exciting. Lots to share with each other! And he asked ME to cut his hair in a funky new style for him. lol. That was fun.

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Hey dude,


Yes, they do. I was never into metal, but a close group of friends of mine are. They had the metal look when they were younger, junior high and high school, but during college is when they began to shed the look. Today though, being years removed from college, they'll still go to shows and jam on their guitars in there free time. If I ever understood what the vocalist was singing, then maybe I would like the music


Anyway, they got girls. Some of the guys were more into flings so they did flings, but one of them was more of a 'relationship guy' so he had long term girlfriends. They eventually shed the image for the reasons Caro mentioned - like it or not, it's hard to succeed in the real world with that look - but if Sepultara (spelling?), Rammstein, Slayer, etc., are in town playing then they are there.

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Never type cast myself as a metal-head, I listen to all genre's of music. But I've always been attracted to guys with long hair and leathers. Yum..lol.


Funny that.. since only one of my boyfriends.. (and thats recently) had long hair. hmmmmm


Me? I'd like to think of myself as a chameleon (sp?). I dress for the occasion. Dress to fit the crowd I'm in. Wearing full leathers and let my hair down when I'm riding my motorcycle. It works for me there.


A suit and dress clothes at my 9-5 job. No open or muscle shirts to show my Tat's.


Unfortunately... no matter what age you are... people judge a book by its cover. And if you want to have a job in corporate America... you'll leave your leathers at home, cover your tats, and pull your hair back into a distinquished pony tail. Yes.. I've seen some gorgeous men with pulled back pony tails.


That saying... don't change your look too much for your girl. She will either be into you or she won't. If you make any changes.. you make them for yourself... not for anyone else.

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Well....the guy that I am head over heals for is a metalhead. He has a long beard, wild hair, lots of satanic tats, an atheist, wears old band shirts full of holes and big ole' boots with his shorts..lol. He usually has a cigarette in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. I think he is beautiful in all ways!!!!! I am NOT a metal head. I work in a professional office where I dress up everyday. I look like your typical girl next door EXCEPT for the 6 tats and nipple peircings that I hide...lol. The thing is...when you like/love someone you will truly think that everything about them is beautiful. There isn't a damn thing I would want to change about this man....not ONE thing. I am willing to change things about myself for him, but I don't think he wants to change anything about me either.

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Funny, I find myself in almost the reverse situation -- I am a "metalchick", if you wanna typecast at all, and where I live, it's nothing but surfers and top 40's every where you go. So when I travel to bigger cities with more cosmopolitan variety, I soak up the eyecandy and yearn to grab all those heads of hair I see walking past!


I know I am in the minority of women who just adore that look. I, myself wear band shirts, but you know, they are so beat up, they barely cover anything for all the holes, now. I'm not much for tattoos, but they can pass, with the look (not a dealbreaker, but body art I'm not as keen on as the dress-up and long hair.) I kind of wear my love of leather, boots, denims, studs, the whole get-up in a kind of secretive way, which is a delicious feeling, because then when I really get into my "mode" at a concert, it's a 180. Most people I know don't have the faintest clue that I am a metal-loving girl, and I've come to relish the maturity of not having to broadcast that everywhere.


In fact, I can look so studious, some people really would have a hard time believing that I am looking at the guy with the long, wild hair and leather, not the clean-cut "pretty boy". (Delusional Kisses, your bf sounds yummy as all anything, where do you meet someone like that when you are not into metal yourself?)


Since metal went out pretty much in the 80's (I don't call today's "metal" METAL, it's garbage, sorry), I would say that on an everyday basis, if you dress the look down, it's a good idea whether you have a gf or not, simply because, well, it looks silly and like other posters have said, like it's shooting for an effect. However, I think that it's not a good idea to try to change for someone you really like, either. I have a friend (lonnnnnng ago ex) who was with a girl for 7 years, and he cut his hair because she didn't like the long-haired look. He told me that he never got used to it, and really didn't feel it was "him", with the short hair. He shouldn't have had to do that.


Ironically, I have managed to persuade more than one bf to grow his hair out, telling them it turned me on so much. It's just about the biggest fetish I have, and they were ready to please. But you know, the ones who didn't have the spirit in it or really have it in them to do it because they loved the music and that kind of look naturally...in the end, I don't think it suited them, as much as I liked the hair itself long. My last ex hated my music (even though he was a professional musician in L.A.), and complained that his hair made him look like Medusa, lol...and after a while, I started to agree that he should just cut it to be comfortable in his skin again. We broke up before this happened, but when I saw pictures of him with his hair cut later -- he looked better without it, and back to the short hair and neat clothes to match that were his personality. It just wasn't in him, and I could've lived with that on its own -- the part that wasn't good was his blasting my taste in music. The important thing is RESPECT for your partner's interests, even if you don't share some of them.


This is to say that really, you should do what feels natural to you, and let this girl fall in love with you as yourself, if you really dig her. I certainly didn't need a guy to be into metal to fall for him (it was just a super extra bonus, because I'm pretty passionate about it as an interest.) I think she shouldn't have to change herself, nor should you, yourself. If you pull your hair back in a neat ponytail, it's really quite genteel, if you want to be more conservative with the look, on an everyday basis. Otherwise, it's a great opportunity to let her into your world and you can learn more about hers -- the real spice of relationships, I think! She might find that having all that hair to run her fingers through is quite a fabulous discovery! And of course, for "special occasions" like concerts, you can really do it up and enjoy the full regalia.


Just stay away from the lipstick and the Bret Michaels bleached look, and you'll be just fine (but, given your screename, I think this shouldn't be hard.)

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That doesn't sound like love as much as head over heels infatuation. My guess is that if things get serious you may think twice about sharing finances and having a family with someone who is so into drinking (and smoking as far as the health issues). Forgive me if the whiskey comment was just a joke or exxageration - never associated that with a metalhead.


I've been head over heels with "bad boys" too - it's fun while it lasts! Enjoy!

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I wouldn't in particular. I also agree with the posters who said they don't go for people who typecast themselves too much. Typically comes accross to me as trying to hard or wanting to be noticed for the wrong things.


As I said previously... I dress for the occasion... not so much to get noticed. When I wear my leathers, Harley boots, chaps, black t-shirt and leather jacket... its more for protection than wearing it for a "look". Unfortunately, motorcycle clothes manufacturers make everything in black. And its probably because the color doesn't show dirt as much. The leather is durable and for protection against the elements.


In the spring... during those first few weeks of riding, when the general population has forgotten about "MOTORCYCLE" safety and how to share the road. I've added a BRIGHT NEON GREEN T-Shirt to my attire. It gets me noticed.... but only cause I don't want to be SPLAT accross someone's front bumper.

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That doesn't sound like love as much as head over heels infatuation. My guess is that if things get serious you may think twice about sharing finances and having a family with someone who is so into drinking (and smoking as far as the health issues). Forgive me if the whiskey comment was just a joke or exxageration - never associated that with a metalhead.


I've been head over heels with "bad boys" too - it's fun while it lasts! Enjoy!


I don't think that I mentioned his finances at all....are you assuming because he dresses in that manner, he is in a poor financial situation or because I have a "professional" job that I have a grand financial situation? He works hard for a living and makes good money. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to start a family or share finances with him. He is a kind, caring and compassionate person. His clothing style nor his indulgence in cigarettes or occasional alcohol do not change that about him.

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