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Hey all. This site helped me get through my first couple months of my LDR. It is a good resource, but if there is one thing this site needs more of...its success stories. I think the most important thing when entering a LDR is optimism. So in that light...i would like to share my story with those of you who need it hoping that it will help you through the dog days of being away from those that you love.


My girlfriend and I entered the our long distance relationship with only two months under our belt. We had a really strong friendship and a growing attraction. When it came time for me to move 5000 miles away we discussed it and decided we might as well give it a shot. That remains one of the better decisions i have made. The distance is hard at first. Really hard. I felt lost and confused as to why i was so far away.

Time went on and we got into a rhythm. We would talk twice a day. Being that there is a 10 hour time difference we would wake each other up. Time moved on and we have truly fallen in love with each other. I visited over christmas. We are solid as a rock. She is coming to visit in a month where i am living. which is exciting. We are 5 months into my 9 months being away. And although the end isnt exactly in sight, i have nothing but excitement and appreciation for when the day comes. Love happens, in spectacular ways. If you are new to your LDR...or feel like you have lost the spark, try to keep a positive perspective. Talk out all of your problems, voice all of your concerns and be as honest as possible with each other.

Good communication got me this far. And i really feel like i am the luckiest boy in the world.


Thank you for everyone who has given me advice and so on on this site in the past. It is a wonderful thing knowing you arent the only one having to be away from who you love. The support of others is a wonderful thing. It helps me appreciate the beauty of relationship, even with people you may never see or meet yourself.



good luck with all of your LDR's. and dont forget that there is always hope.



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Hey Markus,


I am happy to hear that you and your gf are managing so well with the long distance. I think this gives hope to many people who are separated by a huge distance. Luckily you know you are away for a certain amount of time- albeit a long time. I think knowing that you will be with her in the future, able to hold her, kiss her, certainly helps to pull through now.





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