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Ok so i'm 19 and me and my b/f are going to have sex for our first time. I'm a virgin and he's not and i don't really know what to do to make it enjoyable for him! Since i'm a virgin i'm not sure if he'll be really thrilled with my progress.


Also, will it hurt? Ive never really masturbated or anything, i've always tried to stay away from sex and that stuff, now that i'm really doing it, idk what to expect.


Any suggestions or ideas?

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When I was a virgin, my hymen was a particularly thick one. It took several attempts of "having sex" before I actually had full-on intercourse. Once the hymen was actually broken, however, I felt no pain.


If you're nervous about it, your vaginal muscles will become incredibly tight and prevent any penis from getting in there comfortably. Lots of foreplay is a must. Make sure you are good, wet, and aroused before you are comfortable sticking a foreign object in your vagina. If you are aroused and calm enough, there should be some mild discomfort, but it won't be the most painful thing that you've ever experienced.


It's good to stick with the missionary position for the first time. It's a pretty shallow form of penetration.


But the key is- stay relaxed! Be patient. Breathe deeply. Sex is fun, once you get into the swing of it!

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i was a virgin merely a couple of days ago. when i gave my bf my virginity it just felt a little uncomfotable at first, but no horrible pains and no bleeding...maybe im one of the lucky ones. but i had alot of experience with masterbation etc and i stretched out a lil after a visit to the gyno. as ive said somewhere on another thread, u can actually stretch urself out a lil by inserting your fingers, and then adding another etc. also just relax...the penis is actually quite soft and not as hard as say...fingers so relax and get him to slowely enter, maybe slowely loosening the opening and as your vagina relaxes and stretches out he can continue a lil more each time.


man i feel so perverted posting this stuff hahah

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if you where having a huge life changing test in two weeks...would you study, ask friends for advice, google the topic, or do nothing at all but feel anxiety until test day?


Treat this the same, explore masterbation, google it, talk to people about it online and get familiar with your own body. If you don't know what you like, what feels good, how do you expect him to know?

Sex is all about communication, never expect your man to read your mind or have encyclopedic knowledge of how to do everything you like. They depend on us to tell them, or show them, and make really good noises when they do it right. You have probably read more magazine articles, romance books, ect. with sex/make out tips than he has. Also, don't get stuck in the whole missionary rut, sounds like it is the easiest position but really....scientific fact shows that putting weight on a womans body WILL slow her arousal process if not turn it off completely.

Lastly...don't be shy about everything and let him lead in everything, that attitude is really outdated. You are just as responsible for your sexual well being as he is... Get with the times!

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