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She is like a different person


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Well, today is my birthday. She sent me a text "Hey happy birthday". That was it, i never responded to it. Over the last few months she has said some pretty nasty things to me/about me. That have all come back to me. I never told her i knew all of this information nor will i tell her. But i can't believe a person can go from saying " I want to be with you forever" to "Things in our relationship just don't work" or "We have nothing in common" then to a new boyfriend 45 days later. The new guy is the type of guy she always didn't like. He is kind of scummy and that has turned her into a scummy person. She dyed her hair from a beautiful blonde to a brown that looks really ugly.



I look at some of the pictures on her facebook. I do that once in a while. It doesn't really bother me as much as it did. That tells me im just about over the whole thing.


Anyway, she just looks like a tramp. She went from this sweet girl, to just a low life tramp. From the things she says to the way she acts. It's like a whole new person.


I guess i am just on a rant. Has anyone else seen something like this? It's really making it easier to get over, but it's jt the weirdest thing.

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My girl left me for a guy who is so far from what, A. I perceived her wanting, and B. what I was. That hurt a lot, because I felt she downgraded from me. I mean, am I that bad that you went from what I was to something lower than me (I could be sounding really full of myself here too, I know). She might change into what he is (scummy as you used, I like that wording) but right now, I don't care.


Stop looking at the facebook; you say it doesn't hurt but it will. Don't text her back. Let her self-destruct her life while you move on and make something of yours.

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yeah, that's what iv been doing. I enjoyed all the messages i got from other people anyway. I get curious about her. I want to see where this is going. But i know i shouldn't look. Im just glad it doesn't hurt as much as it used to. This is the first time in a long time i even looked at her facebook.

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gnarlyhoc... I know how you feel and I feel the same way. Was with a girl who I thought was mature and on the same level mentally as I. We were together for a long time (3.5 years) but knew each other for 7. Just like you wrote, she went from telling me how I was what she hoped for for the future.. to telling me how we don't have nothing in common. I'm finishing up my studies and will be a dentist, while she left me for some weightlifting used car/crashed car importer that has no future I, too, felt she downgraded.. but its her choice and I won't ever lower myself to "compete" against some guy like that.


Its important that we realize that THEY are the ones who messed up, and that we know our value. They're not worthy of having guys like us. Stay strong, but as others have pointed out... don't look at her facebook profile. Delete her fully and make no contact. It will help you heal much faster.

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I can't reiterate the sentiments about not looking at her facebook or myspace profiles. I recently let my curiosity get the better of me and looked at my ex-fiance's profile, only to find pics of him with his new girlfriend in San Fran (where we were going to go for our honeymoon). He started dating this girl right after he called off our engagement and moved out.


Seeing the pics brought up all the feelings that I had worked so hard to deal with over the past couple of months and really set me back. I now feel like I need to start my healing like it is Day 1 all over again.


The girl is not a complete opposite of me, but embodies some of the characteristics that he thought he needed in order to be happy (e.g. she doesn't live near her parents and is originally from the mid-west like him).


I have since deleted my myspace and facebook profiles and do not allow myself to look at his profile (or hers). It only hurts me and does not help my healing in any way.

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