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Should I start looking for a new job?


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So after leaving my previous job, Starbucks (which some of you might recall), after about a month of being home and dropping off applications and resume's I finally got a call back from one place where I applied to the day before I applied at Starbucks.

They hired me without any interview or anything. However, they hired me for their outdoor living department under a 3 month contract. Along with me, they hired 4 others. From us 5 they are only keeping me and another person. From the time they hired me to about now I've been getting some pretty sick hours. I was hired for part-time which to them is a max of 35 hours a week, I was working 40+ a week, sometimes I would get 37 hours a week and once or twice I got 32 hour. Basically I was getting paid for 40+ a week, I would always have to work 30 minutes to an hour overtime ever night so that balanced out my lunch deduction and also gave me some extra pay. I was told from the start that I would be getting a whole lot of hours from then to now, then hours would be less.

Well my manager is the one who told me that and she was right. I just checked the schedule for the next two weeks and this coming week I only have 10 hours and next week I have 16. I've gone from 32-40+ hours a week to 1/4 of it. School limits me to work only 2 days during the school week, and the weekend.

So I don't know what to do. Should I start looking for another job that will allow me to work on those days that I can't at this place, by that I mean that will allow me start after school. Like I have my own bills and the money I have saved up is starting to run low. I only get paid minimum wage which is $8/hour so this up coming week I'm only going to be making 80 dollars before deductions and after I'll probably only make 50-60 dollars. If I'm only making 50-60 a week that only 200 a month (using 50 a week), thats not enough to pay my insurance for my truck.

So I don't know what to, what do you fellow ENAers think?

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The thing is when you work in the outdoor living department or more commonly kown as seasonal, you get a lot of hours during the christmas and summer season and any where in between you get crap hours.


The other thing is it took me a really long time to get into this company, and now that I'm in its kinda hard to leave. Especially because they have an automotive department and when I'm dont my college/apprentice training I can go work in the shop for them.


They have also been really good with me, especially with the schedule. The always gave me enough to go from school to there. Even on days that I needed off they gave them to me without any hassle.

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A cousin of mine works for a grocery store. He sometimes get late shift like 6pm shifts here and there. I am going to ask him if he coudl see if they could hire me and give me similar shifts so i could go straight after school which my college is like 5 minutes away.

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Whenever asked "Should I look for a new job?", my answer is always yes! If there is something that you don't like about your current one, it certainly doesn't hurt to see what else is out there and build some options for yourself. Seasonal work is great in that for a few months you will be quite busy, but obviously it's called seasonal for a reason. I wouldn't quit until you found something else, but certainly look.


Also, I think it is challenging to work two different part time jobs and go to college. (Tried that one!) Unless there is a reason that you want to remain with your current employer, I would consider trying to find one job that will give you enough hours to pay your bills.


Finally, have you spoken with your current supervisor about your desire to work more hours? You can say that you understand that you were hired with the idea that you are seasonal help and you understand the cut in hours, however you enjoy the work enough to want to be considered for full time work. They may not have any openings, but you won't be considered if you don't bring it up!

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Well there are a few reasons why want to remain with my current employer. I like it there and they even have a auto which I can transfer into a few I'm done my auto training (eventhough I know more then some of their mechanic), when its busy they will give me the hours I want and its just a great working environment there

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