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How to look for other job when you are currently under employment


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Just want to know the industry practice.


I was told that if you are actively looking for job, you must not tell anyone in the company.


In my current work environment, I don't have my own cubicle and don't have telephone direct line. My wallet and handphone are kept in a drawer. So I seldom answer call during work as I won't able to hear the phone ring.


Will the prospective employer entertain setting up interview via email? I could check my email every day.


Apart from that, to apply for leave, I need to apply 1 month earlier. If compare with other job candidate, I think I would be at the loss end because in order for me to apply leave for the interview, I need to apply 1 month earlier.


Will the prospective employer entertain interview after working hours?


Moreover, my current employment contract implies that, I need to give 2 months resignation notice. If you want to leave 24 hours, you have to pay 2 months salaries.


How do I talk to my prospective employer about this? Should I pay the 2 months salaries or will the prospective employer willing to wait 2 months?


Thank you.

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I think prospective employers understand, and respect you for being discreet at work. After all, they want someone who's not on the phone all day when work needs attention. I've had employers arrange weekend interviews so I could keep it mum.


I'm looking for a job now, but I doubt my employer gives a whizz. Lol!

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Well I thought once that the right thing would be to tell your employer so they have time to prepare but experience has taught me that this is a polite but naive thing to do. Once I told my boss my plans the company basically decided to screw me as often as they could. So no, keep it to yourself.

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Interviews on weekends, after regular working hours, or whenever you can.


Sometimes it might mean some tight zipping from work to an interview, or making a call to a prospective job on a break.


Do what you have to.


I secure jobs before giving notice of leave at another. It's worked for me. It's also because of money, though!


I've often worked more than one job at a time. This means, having to arrange scheduling with both. I give the schedule I am willing to work - and that is it. No explanation of what I do on my "off" days, even if I am another job. It's not their business.


Some lines of work this more tricky and not something I'd recommend. It also pays to read the fine print on any contracts/paper work you are signing. (As some places specifically mention termination or penalties can happen if you are working at certain/any other place while with them).


Use your discretion. Really nothing else to it. Put what is most important first.


good luck.

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If they won't entertain interviews during working hours, just pull a sickie or make some excuse why you have to leave for a bit. In this modern day society, a lot of employers are happy to communicate via e-mail. Most of the jobs I have had recently I found out about their interest in considering me for employment via e-mail and meetings were arranged via e-mail, so I don't think it's considered anything out of the ordinary anymore. As long as you check your e-mail on a regular basis, that's not problematic.

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Others have given excellent advice! No, I don't think it's smart to tell your current employer that you are looking. You run the risk of losing your current job, because why are they going to keep someone who is going to up and leave them?


I list my cell phone as my primary contact number for potential employers. I then return any calls during my lunch break or immediately after work. It's true that sometimes my return call misses them, so I make it a point to be clear in my message as to when is the best time to reach me. I also ask that if they get my voicemail again to leave a good time to reach them and I will call back then. Then I simply take my lunch break during that time. I also let them know that I am available to set things up by email all day long.


I do explain to the individual that I work a M-F 9-5 job and getting away during the day is difficult. I personally make exceptions for jobs that I think that I am serious about. Otherwise, I offer to come in very early, very late, or during the weekends. Most employers understand this and will try to work around you. If they absolutely can not, ask if a phone interview would be considered. You could set up a day/time to speak with them on the phone and then simply take your lunch at that time.


Good luck!

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Ah, that is why they have sick leave!!


No, don't tell your employer. Give your cellphone number, and check it every hour or so for messages. Companies will leave messages for callbacks. Then take a walk outside on break and make the call. They will usually then set up for a phone interview or in person interview. You can do the phone interview over lunch, and call in sick the day of the interview. If you company is so restrictive you need one month notice to take a day off, then you shouldn't feel the least bit bad to take a sick leave day on short notice if you have to.


Companies know people are restricted in times they can interview, so will frequently schedule something early in the morning or late in the day. Some will even do evenings.


tell your current work you have an urgent medical appt. or dentist appt.


btw, your current employment contract requiring 2 months notice is really over the top! i would never sign something like that again... they are practically holding you hostage! are you sure that is enforceable where you are?


sometimes you can get your hiring company to pay a signing bonus, so perhaps then if you give 2 weeks notice and get a signing bonus from the new company, you won't lose that much in the end. and getting a better job at a more fair company is well worth it!

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Thank you for the advices.


I think the hardest part is call in sick. Because my current employer would need a medical chit to prove that you are unfit for work. Go to the doctor and pretend you are sick? I tried to get a medical chit when I am really not feeling well-having cold, sore throat, and flu, but the company doctor insist that I am not sick enough to get a day off. So I still have to work that day.


May be I can try to ask time off for half day, lying that it is about personal emergency. I never try that before, but I need to take the risk.


I will try on calling them back during lunch hour or after work.

My work hours end on 5.45pm but I usually work until 7pm, sometimes 8.30pm. May be I just pretend to get something from the car and call them in the car during lunch hour or after 5.45pm. I need to set up a voice mail box, because I did not have one.


Regarding the 2 month notice, yes it is enforceable. Infact, one of my colleagues paid 2 months salary to quit. My other two colleagues are lucky, their prospective employers willing to pay the 2 month salary for them.


However, I am sort of changing career, I do not know whether my future employer willing to pay my current salary or not. But this is the risk I am willing to take.

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