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Hi all,


This is my first post although I`ve been reading the message boards for a long time...


2007 was a terrible year all round, beginning with a sudden death in the family that left me shocked.


I went travelling to Japan in late-October but had to return after just 2 weeks as I became unwell. I genuinely thought that I had a brain tumour as I was getting headaches and dizziness, but thankfully it turned out to be an ear infection that gave me Vertigo...


Subsequently I had to have 2 moles removed from my body as the doctor didn`t like the look of them at all. This caused me great stress as I waited for the results, convincing myself that I had skin cancer...again I eventually got the all clear.


I also had to have some blood tests retaken after my liver functioning test was "borderline" - the doctor said he wasn`t concerned but wanted to get it sorted out before I went back to Japan. So on the 31st December I went for the results and they were still slightly high, but the doctor checked me out and gave me the all clear to go on my travels, and I don`t even have to go back for anymore tests...


So now I am in Japan again and will be for 2 months...sounds great doesn`t it? But I feel terrible and just want to go home, but I can`t do that AGAIN as it is expensive and everyone will think I am insane. I`ve had stomach aches since I arrived which are fuelling my anxiety evenmore...


Does anybody else suffer from anxiety? I`ve basically had a really stressful few months that I fear has left me damaged in terms of not being able to relax and enjoy myself again.


I basically think I`ve turned into an anxious hypochondriac, and being in such a foreign land as Japan where there`s hardly anyone who speaks English...well, it isn`t an ideal situation.


I guess I`ll just have to get my head down and hopefully these next 8 weeks will soon pass...


Thanks for reading and apologies for the rambling nature of my post!



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Hey trampattack, glad you're getting involved in the wonderful ENA


Wouldn't you agree that everyone would deal with the same feelings at least once in their life? When I get down to thinking about it, it all comes accross as very normal.


Yes, I have had very hard times in my life, which have produced much stress, depressing feelings, and anxiety. In fact much of it is quite recent and some I am still dealing with. My way of dealing? I am happy and it's as simple as that, it's easy to look at the negative, but it's a healthy challenge to take the positive out of life!


Now, I'm not in denile as it may appear, I am very away of the negative, I just don't let it influence me! Someone on ENA once referred me to the documentary/movie on the power of positive thinking called "The Secret" (Infact two of my signature quotes are from that movie, the third is my own question ) and I want to do the same for you. If by chance you do end up watching The Secret, and your attitude is against it, you will gain nothing. So please do it with an open mind!


Also I am a firm believer that talking is a strong step, if not the first, to overcoming mental trials, so Good luck trampattack!



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Thanks for replying Kade!


You are right of course, but it is soooo difficult to just change from being a natural worrier to someone with a positive outlook. I guess it`s a case of repeating a positive mantra over and over again, or re-reading your reply whenever I am down. I just think that with recent events, my threshold has been broken and I`ve not coped very well at all...it`s like so many things have happened in a short space of time.


And thanks for the tip about The Secret, I will track it down when I get home at the end of next month...



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