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What should i do.... i need help~~please


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these are the problem that i would like to ask you

i have kept for a certain period of time

situations that i have no idea how to deal with or how to get a hint


1. if a woman flirts with you occasionly and then doesn't do it sometimes what does she mean??

when she flirts next time what should i do? and she is like m friends sister

2. if a woman make physical contact with you occasionly such as hugging grabbing you from behind is that a sign of interest??? (she sometimes touch my back when walking (as in sliding down my back)) and then stop)

3. sometimes she is nice but sometime her attitude changes...is it because she is annoyed about it?

4.our relationship are friends only , and she is older than me, should i make the next step to the next relationship what should i do?


but i have a little crush on her wat should i do~


i would be delighted if you can answer my following questions, this gives me great relief..


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1. it doesn't nesscarily mean that she likes you, some girls are just flirty like that. if you like her flirting with you, then you can flirt back & it will show her that you are interested.


2. physical contact is a sign of interest. if she just randomly touches you, then she could like you.


3. im not so sure about this one. like, does she make fun of you jokingly?? because thats a sign that she might like you.


4. i think you should wait to find out if she actually likes you or not before you do anything about it. maybe talk to her sister & find out who she likes, maybe her sister knows that she likes you.


hope this helps a little.

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thanks for you tips enadevoli

but how should i approach to see whether she likes me beside asking her sister? is there other way??


and secondly to answer the morriga question, i am 18 she is 24....6year.. different

so what would u advise me to do?is it going to work?

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