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wedding with separated families


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My fiance and I are not getting married for at least another year due to school and things, but I'm curious to know how if anyone has been in our situation and what did they did/or plan to do about it. Or you can just give me advice on what you would do. 98% of my family resides in Texas/Louisiana area, and 98% of his resides in California. As you can tell, when we do have a wedding things will get pretty complicated. We really want our families to be together for this day, but idk if that is even possible. Any opinions on what you'd do?


edit: i just realized that separated may look like our families are "separated" in ways that they hate each other or something. What i mean by separated, is that they are simply far away from each other, there are no conflicts involved

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find somplace in the middle to get married where it's a 50-50 drive for both families like on the border of New Mexico & Arizona

Or to make your life easier - elope.

What I did because my family lived far from me & my husbands family lived even further & I don't like putting people out & we didn't want a HUGE wedding. Is we just had a tiny wedding, immediate family only out by the river surrounded by the most beautiful tress & went for supper after...it was beautiful & simple, small & stress free. I have no regrets.

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I would not elope... I assume it's safe to say that you are close to your families and they would be hurt at not having at least the opportunity to try to come.


I would select a place that the two of you find special to your relationship. Do you have a church that you attend together? A place where you met? A place that you like to go? Select it because of its significance to your relationship. Then explain to your families that the situation didn't allow for an easy answer, so you went with what felt best. If you want them to attend, give them plenty of time to prepare for it and assume that some are just not going to travel the distance. However, there won't be any favoring of one side of the family.


I also like the 50-50 idea.

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