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Places to go.. people to meet?


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I don't get along especially well with girls... growing up really close to my only brother, made me much more comfortable around him and his friends.


Fast forward to today when i'm surrounded by girls... I'm a sophomore in college and my school is 93% girls and a very good portion of the guys here are gay. (I'm at fashion school...its not an exaggeration...) It also seems like there are a ton of models who go here... like my 6'2'' gorgeously exotic Croatian roommate... and most of her friends... same height, very girly, gorgeous... but catty, backstabbing... and in general not interested in the same things I am. I didn't go to fashion school to have deep, meaningful, or informed conversations... but I'd like there to be more to know about someone than their choice 'it' color for spring.


Enough with the background information... where would be the best places to go to meet new people... guys especially... ?? I live in NYC so why is this so hard? I've tried meeting people at work... (2 different jobs) I've tried at school.. with no luck. I've tried at clubs... awful idea to begin with... I even hung out at the library for a couple weeks... no one remotely my age... I've tried taking lessons and fitness classes in my area... nada... any ideas?

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It's not so much about the place you meet them. It's more about just talking to people, wherever you are. Also, you're 19 so maybe you're used to a certain type of people - the guys you hung out with back home. You might want to give people more of a chance to prove themselves before deciding that they're boring and have nothing to offer. Don't just look for people who are exactly like your old friends.

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I'm a 20 year old male, and an engineering student likewise looking for girls (since over 95% of the people in my classes are guys), so I know how you feel. I also don't go to clubs or anything like that. Rather, you'd probably find me either bicycling, playing tennis, or out ballroom dancing (although I admit most of my time is spent at school or work).


Lucky for me, I tutor at my college (which has a much more even gender ratio), which keeps me in touch with a number of students my own age.


But seriously, consider ballroom dancing. At least where I live, it's a known fact that most male engineering students take up ballroom dancing almost specifically to meet girls. And either way, ballroom dancing is a fun.


EDIT: Oh yeah, most engineering students are pretty shy, too, myself included. Just be aware of that.


Good luck!

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they have meetups for anything you're interested in...art, fashion, nature, movies, social events, many people are also new to the city with same thing...looking to meet new friends. most events are inexpensive and you can try out different ones. trust me. i thought it sounded dorky and uncool (and some are), but i've been to a few and met some great people and had fun doing the things I enjoy and that my current friends don't enjoy. saw kiterunner a few weeks ago and ate dinner with some people, went on a nature hike, went ice skating, joined a book club...it's worth a shot. try different ones and see if you click with any...some are artsy networking like for those in fashion, just type in keywords.


I live in NYC and people here all the have the same problem. there's a million people here, but not so easy to just walk into a place and start talking to people. it's also a transient city so new people are always coming and going.

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