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happy new year!:) Thank you for all the help


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So tonight i decided to go back and read all my old posts, and i cant believe i went through all that gargbage with that one guy. He wasnt even worth it. And im proud to say today i have the most wonderful boyfriend, who would never think of the stuff the my ex did. My new boyfriend cant stand the thought of losing me. And i love it. I never question if he loves me. Because everyday he tells or holds me so i know he does. We talk about the future and spending our lives together. He tells me every day how happy i make him. He tells me that no one has every loved him for him. Usually his girlfriends date him for his money. When a girl tried to come between us, he didnt let that happen. Unlike my ex who did. So this is going to be one of the best years of my life and i just wanted to up date all of you who have helped me through everything with the last one and i want to thank all of you for helping me through that rough patch in my life.

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