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Finally, The Last Straw has snapped


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If anyone of you just peeked at just maybe two or three of my previous post from the year 2005 to 2006, you will see a consistancy in the complaints I've had about his Horrid excuse for a marriage. Now with that all being said, in short, I'm married to a man who shows me less affection than a warden shows a man on death row.


My daughter will be 2 yrs old this month and she is the ONLY reason i'm even still in this marriage!



Though my husband has only been physically abusive towards me maybe three times, the emotional and economical abuse has been more than any one person should have ever taken for more than a week tops.


I want out, and I want out asap.


Sadly my husband has injured himself and I feel this obligation and need to stay to help him (BUT NOT TO STAY WITH HIM).


He does not kiss me, touch me, sleep in the same bed as me and I've had enough of giving him my life to waste. I know there is someone out there who can and would treat me like a woman and not a house slave or room mate..


Ok..so here is the delima!!!!!!!


I have no $

No lawyer

I've been abused financially by him for so long I have nothing saved, no family and no where to go. Please can someone give me advice for the first step on getting out of this horrible marriage!


I don't mind helping him through his injury, but I have no plans on staying once he is on his feet! I already tried being there for him, but his treatment makes me feel useless and I want to leave. ASAP!

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Is there a Legal Aid office nearby?


They can generally get you in contact with a lawyer whom can work either for "free" or at a very low rate to you (or a low repayment rate) to get the process started.


Sorry to hear it has come to this point miracle, I do remember your earlier posts about the issues and am sorry things have not improved.

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Well if you want out, then go talk to an attorney and see if you can work something out. Many states allow you to collect your attorney's legal fees from your partner if they control all the $$.


I also remember your earlier posts and had hoped things had gotten a bit better. But sometimes it just doesn't work out.


RayKay also has a good idea about LegalAid.


Here's some resources available in Alaska that might be able to help you also:


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This one entry caught my eye - it might apply to you:


Fairbanks, AK Law Office

e-mail removed

1648 Cushman, Suite 300, Fairbanks, AK 99701-6202

    The Pro Bono program is funded through grants and contracts from federal, state, and local sources. Clients must be income eligible and must have a case that falls within case priority restrictions. Current income eligibility figures are as follows: Maximum Gross Yearly Income; 1 family members to an income of $12,338, 2 family members to an income of $16,558, 3 family members to an income of $20,838, 4 family members to an income of $25,088, 5 family members to an income of $29,338, 6 family members to an income of $33,588. The program typically handles cases involving family law (divorce, custody/visitation, child custody, support, paternity, adoptions, guardianships, conservatorship and domestic violence (907) 452-5181 Outside Fairbanks (800) 478-5401

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