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About six months ago, I started getting close to some girl. Real close. But, as it happens, nothing became of it, because I had dated her sister in the past. But I really loved her and she admits to loving me, even though she wont date me because of the sister thing.


Anyway, she now has a controlling, anger prone boyfriend, and everyone sees it but her. After drifting apart from her for awhile, we have started to get close again, and I asked her if she wanted to go out sometime. All very innocent, and she knew it, but still wanted to ask her boyfriend. Said boyfriend flew off the handle and said no because he doesnt trust me around here. Same with other lads too apparently...


So we have planned to go out anyway...tomorrow night...after her bf said he didnt want her to.


I guess I just need some advice and opinions, besides telling her to chuck her bf which I've already told her to do, and she wont.





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Yeah, but her boyfriend doesn't see it that way. And honestly, you two have admitted feelings for each other, despite the whole sister thing. I'm all for folks having friends of the opposite sex, but if your partner isn't comfortable with it, then you've got to respect that. If you guys want to get together as friends, then invite the husband. If you do'nt want to because it will be a complain session ABOUT the husband, then you two shouldn't be meeting. That is most likely the start of an emotional affair for her...

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By the time you've both admitted feelings for each other, it's too late. This is going to haunt you until you consummate it.


Don't expect anything good to come out of this. Go out, have fun and get hurt. And then you do it again. That's how life goes and there's nothing wrong with that.

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Whether or not you're intending to sleep with this girl, this is undoubtedly heading towards emotional infidelity, if you're not there already. You may say her bf is controlling because he doesn't trust you two together, but frankly after reading your post, it looks like he's right not to.

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I wouldn't go out with her until she is through with her boyfriend.Why not say something along the lines,''I don't feel comfortable going out with you while you are still seeing your boyfriend.If you ever break up give me a call''.After saying that you then withdraw.So if she really wants to spend time with you she will have to take the appropriate action.You might increase her interest in you because you are then unattainable.

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