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What to say before asking her


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hey all


ok so basically im about to call this girl up and ask her to hang out. we used to be close but lost touch, i asked her to hang before xmas and she said she was busy but to call her early in the new year and well hang. Anyway so basically i would just like to know some topics to talk bout before i ask her out. i was thinking ill ask her bout her xmas, and nye. then what???

Any ideas

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Ask her questions about her - how is her family doing? basically ask her about things she likes. How is school going? Seen any good movies lately? From there say something about this new movie you are dying to see that is similar to the one she likes and ask her if she'd like to go. Then slip in a "lets grab a bite first." It is also a good idea to think of two or three alternative things to do incase they say "I hate such and such movie" it won't derail you to say, "ok, how about hooking up to play tennis instead?"


I also think its good to let them know you are excited and looking forward to seeing her.

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Family, movies, music, education, future goals, traveling, etc.


Stick with broad subjects you can turn morph into thousands of smaller topics as opposed to asking them their favourite color, and then going, "Wow, thats... great" as the answer and having an awkward pause of a minute.

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