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Cold hands/feet and sick of it

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Hey all!


I'm concerned about my health regarding my hands and feet being constantly cold. I'm not anemic (given blood several times) and I'm in general good health. The only time my hands and feet "match" my core body temperature is when I'm doing something strenuous or the room is abouve 70 degrees.


I know it's the winter season and I will get chilled at times, but this is all the time!


If it helps any I'm 22 yrs, 5'7'' and 113 lbs. I've always been thin and I take good care of myself.


Any remedies to cure my ice hands?? thanx

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Yeah, some friends of mine say that im anemic and just don't know it because during the summertime, I sweat like a pig. I know that's a sign of my fast metabolism, but im not sure if that's a sign of anemia. I know anemia generally causes fatigue, the cold distal extremities, and loss of appetite.

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Well, according to your height and weight, you're underweight... I have the same problem. I never had this problem when I was overweight. When I lost 60LBs...my hands and feet would be cold in the summer too. Sometimes I can't even sleep because I'm so cold...and I have very very thick covers. It's good that you take care of yourself, but I think the only way to "cure" the ice hands...is to gain body fat. Inuits eat seal blubber for a reason! But, if someone told me to gain weight to concure this coldness, I'd flip out...because I work hard to maintain a good physique...so maybe knit yourself some fuzzy gloves!

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My mom and I are the same way. Our hands and feet are always cold. It's just for us poor circulation... and it helps when we go to the chiropractor.

With us it's just our spine is just putting pressure or pinching our nerves after a while of not being cared for. Once we get that done things get better.


Plus it's good for you to go to the chiropractor also. Keeps you from getting pinched nerves and headaches all the time... if your losing sleep it can be cause also by that some nerves getting cut off. It's amazing what happens when things get cut off well.. pinched off and what happens to your body and functioning skills or motorskills whatever they are


You should look into this and see if it helps with your problems. Wouldn't hurt to see. Plus if you don't like getting snapped and popped theres also another technique. The one I see is somekind of network thing. She doesn't snap u... it's like she only applys pressure gradually to put it back into place. It's much nicer.

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It wouldn't hurt to get checks for Renaud's disease. It is a problem of circulation during stress and cold that happens predominately in women. My neice has it and she is only 15. I got her some silk lined gloves because they are excellent insulators. Same can work with socks. Try not to cross your legs too much and don't smoke. Some people are just predisposed to a little less circulation to the extremities at times. If you are active with a healthy lifestyle, try the silk liners. Available at campmor and other camp stores. If your hands turn blue or ache with cold or stress, see a doctor.

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you're underweight, that's probably why you're cold. it's unhealthy to be that thin. im anemic, a lot of women are - most dont even know it because the symptoms could be mild. im rail thin too, so i get really really cold hands and feet. i could put it next to the heater and it'll still be ice cold.


i put it to bad nutrition and thereforeeee, bad circulation.

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though im not underweight, i always have cold feet and hands, i feel cold most of the time, only time i feel warm is when im in my bed wrapped up with the heating on way at the top of the metre.


my mum and sister usually complain of it being too hot, but im always complaining its too cold.


but if it gets really bad, go to your doctor, they may be able to do a blood test and tell you whats wrong since it could be a medical problem, but youre underweight too, so its probably worse as your body hasnt got so much fat to keep itself warm.

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I would have to take a supplement of some sort in order to put on weight. Im naturally this size and i can't seem to gain a pound. Im the type that can eat cake, ice cream, and greasy pizza for a whole month and gain nothing.


I do mild exercises daily to keep my cardio going and that seems to do the trick. It keeps my circulation flowing well for a while so I'm not so cold. My blood pressure is in the normal range about 122/81. I've given blood several times, most recently in october of last year.

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You might have Raynaud's, mo'Nique.


I have it. Like you, I'm tall and thin, and suffer extremely from poor circulation in hands and feet and 'flare ups' where the skin becomes red and inflamed when I get into a warm temperature again, or if I'm stressed. I've had it since I was a teenager and it's a pain. The only solution is exercise, fish oil and wearing insulating clothing. You'd know if it was Raynaud's because of the flare ups, which are uncomfortable and unsightly. When exposed to cold, my hands and feet go bloodlessly white, then livid red in patches, and purple. The circulation all but stops.

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Raynaud's disease sucks (especially now with the below freezing temps). I'm always careful about gloves and I can still have the pins and needles if its cold enough outside.


Its a inappropriate response your body has to cold temperature. The vascular spasms in the hands, feet, ears and nose cut off circulation. Its like when the body is in hypothermia and keeps the torso warm by reducing circulation to the extremities, reduction of flow into areas where heat is lost preserves the core temperature and can save your life at the expense of toes and fingers.


Raynaud's can be either primary (disease) or secondary (phenomenon). Primary is present with no other provocation, its not really know what causes it, women are more likely to have it and those in cold climates to notice symptoms. Secondary is from the presense of anther condition like lupus, arthritis, some medications. Secondary is much more dangerous because it is more likely to have complications.


Its best to be safe and see a doctor to determine if its Raynaud's disease or phenomenon.

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