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Rude friend gets on my nerves


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I'm 23 and there is a friend from school who moved away after school and comes to visit my area around a couple of times a year. She is coming to visit again soon and myself and several other people usually meet up with her.


Although we're classed as 'friends', i have never felt i've got on great with her. She always seems to tease me about things that happened a few years ago at school, makes funny comments and is rude to me. I am the only person she does this to from our group of friends. To be honest i think she thinks its a joke and shes being funny but it just annoys me and i find it very immature.


Should i meet up with this friend who is always rude to me?

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It seems like a lot of people kind of go with the flow and end up spending time with people that they otherwise can't stand. I never completely understood this. If you don't like someone, then just skip on giving them the time of day. Life is too short, and there are too many people in the world to fret about.

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Hi Girlie,


I too have had friends like this who maybe think it's a joke but end up slighting or saying hurtful things.


Gee, who needs 'em?


I think a lot of it is not so much maliciousness as their inept sense of humor maybe also.


In any event, I suppose I would try and distance myself, although I know it is hard with mutual friends and all, but I would just try and avoid her the few times a year.


I would imagine others in your group pick up on it too, so they might not have such a high opinion of her either.


We all need people around us who will appreciate us and laugh with us.



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You shouldn't be friends with her if she treats you so poorly, no one likes a frenemy. Can you think of one good reason why you want to keep her as a friend? If you can, does that outweigh her rude behavior? Probably not if it's all you can think about. But if you can't, then you've definitely got your answer. There's no reason to reminisce with old friends if they will only bring back bad memories.

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Thanks for all the advice. I think perhaps I am 'friends' with her because she gets on well with soem of my other friends. We used to get on well when i was much much younger, around 13-15 but after that she has always behaved a bit strangely towards me. I agree that there is no reason for me to see her.

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