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Can this relationship be revived?


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I have many numerous posts on this subject. Many people know my story. It makes me feel better to write about it and get different insight. I'm just really looking for some advice and I'm looking for hope. Things like, just move on, won't cut it. I have begun to heal from all of this and starting to feel back to normal...Here's a condensed version of what I'm going through.


While I was in high school, I was in this amazing relationship with this amazing girl for two years. We did everything together. We were very sexual. We were always happy together and we rarely fought. We spent ample amounts of money on each other and it was always so great when we were together. We had a lot of plans for the future together.


I left home for college in Sept. She is a junior in high school. Our relationship only lasted a month and a half longer. She ended the relationship out of nowhere. Her friends have begun to influence to her to a degree. They have casual sex and are big into partying. Since the break up, she has had some flings. We have maintained some contact since the breakup. She has cancelled two proposed meetings with me. She currently has a boyfriend who is a polar opposite of her. Pothead, emo, a loser pretty much. She has had sex with him apparently. When I questioned her about him, she resisted me to an extreme. "I dont want this!"


We haven't spoken to each other in two weeks. It's definitely been the longest we have ever gone without talking to each other. She has a myspace song about chasing after new things in life, but not feeling fulfilled at the end of the day. Feeling like something is missing in life. I no longer have myspace, but her profile is public. Maybe the newness of the relationship is starting to wear off.. An underlying meaning?


My question: After a powerful past, do you think we could ever reconcile? I know she has changed a lot since we were together, but I do think that side can come back. She had this passion for me when were together. She would do anything for me. Maybe she is starting to realize that this new lifestyle isn't as great as she thought it would be? I was the definite known quantity that would always make her happy. Now she is having sex with a pothead after a few weeks. If you were me, what would you do? I know there's not much I can do right now, but I'm thinking long-term. What do you think? Do you think she is way over this relationship or even me? Or do you think she has a lot of growing up and learning to do on her own?


I have been dating and such, but I just want her.

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heyy i know exactly what you are going through im in a smiliar situation.me nd my girlfriend had real intence two year relationship in college and then when i went off to college she broke up with me a month and a half later. she a year younger than me. we've been broken up a little over a year. we actually got back together for a while last year but it didnt work out. i cant say much it def. gets easier as time goes by but for me the pain is still there a year later i saw her recently but apparently she just wants to be friends. im trying to offer some insight but this is a tough situation. if you still have feelings for her than don't give up but all i can say is play it cool don't let her know its bothering you at all and even try to make he jealous if you can i know it sounds wrong but i know when ever she knew i was with someone else it drove her mad and she would get back in touch with me. i wish you luck man. let me know how it goes things will get better

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