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My boy friend has a tanned privates


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I once tanned my penis. I had gotten a bad burn all over my body, and when it healed I was nicely tanned, everywhere, except...you know...there....


So I had a brainstorm. I buried myself completely in the sand, with only my privates sticking out, and waited for the sun to shine.


Suddenly, two old ladies wandered by, and one of them stared...and stared...and then she said "You know, Mabel, what I would have done to get one of these when I was younger, and now they are growing wild!"

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probably darker from scarring from all the beating he has done on it over the years.


i tan and my johnson is still a bit darker i guess. yes, i cover it. don't want a burn there that for sure.


now if it hissed and spit, it was probably a plastic snake and he was messing with ya. if it just spit, ur okay.

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