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Right now I wish I didnt have any Emotions or Feelings!!!!


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Hi. I feel so bloody sad at mo! I just watched Big Cat wk on BBC1, been watching it all wk! It is SO Sad!!!! I cant stop crying, I feel awful about what happens out there. Today a lioness with four new cubs, who has been rejected by the pride, couldnt find two of her cubs, the day before a lone lion found them and tried to attack them but we thought the lioness had chased him off before he could do any damage. Now today she only had two cubs with her, one was seriously injured, he had a huge slash up his leg-an open wound+he could not use the leg at all-It really was heart breaking. He was trying to keep up with his mother+brother whilst they were looking for the other two cubs but he was struggling. They eventually stopped+rested whilst the mother carried on looking, when she returned (without her two lost cubs) her injured baby was dead She tried to wake him but of course she couldnt. So the mother had lost three of her cubs - My heart hurts so much about this, I cant stand thinking about this happening all the time out there, the pain is just to much!! I know its nature but I just wish it didnt happen!! It is SO SAD! It is at times like this I wish I didnt have any Emotions+Feelings!!!!!!


Anyway sorry for the pointless post, just felt I needed to get out how bad I feel

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