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Why do people not commit?


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Does love die? I was wondering if love ever dies. We all have such a small amount of time on this planet. And we want to make the most of it. And so we continue to be open to constantly falling in love and gathering as much love as we can before we kick the bucket.


But what happens when we grow old?



I was wondering how people look back at their past towards the end of their lives and wonder about how things were long time in the past.


These silly games and breakups and makeups that we think of in the present - what do they mean to us in the future when we are all sitting in retirement homes, sipping tea and thinking of these precious years of our lives.

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Love can last until you are old and die. I am sure there are plenty of seniors who have regrets about someone they loved and lost due to their own actions. People always look back on their lives. That is why in the present, it is good to make the most of things...to cherish those you love...to show those you love that you love them....because in the end, you don't want to have regrets about your actions.


I like your reference to "kicking the bucket"...it reminds me of that Bugs Bunny Episode with Elmer Fud after Bugs Bunny...Bugs Bunny says he is going to kick the bucket...and actually kicks a bucket...then Elmer Fud dances around saying "Hooway! The wabbit kicked the bucket!"

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Honestly, I wonder about that sometimes too. I think that love does not die , it just did not exist with that particular person in the first place from the beginning. Some people are just not meant to be. Thinking back at my old relationships myself only 2-3 yrs back, i laugh about them and see how STUPID I was, but it is a part of me growing up. A part of me continuing my life even when it is the hardest. People do not commit because they do not understand WHY they are with that person in the first place. I had a bf who I was with and suddenly he said I do not wish to have a gf anymore. I was surprised but I knew why he said that... because he wanted to get up in the middle of the night and walk out without having to call me and letting me know that he would like to go out with his buddies. He had to watch and take my fuss with him about why he did this and that and that is why people do not commit. If he had loved me , he would have changed his bad habits and some of his good habits to accommodate me the way I accommodate him. SIMPLE people want to be FREE.

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People do not commit because they do not understand WHY they are with that person in the first place.


You hit the nail on the head in that one line. My ex broke up with me beacuse he thought i wouldnt ever commit to him. There were several reasons, but at the end of the day I had aloud several things to become obsticals that held me back from perhaps being a 'risk' taker. However in addition he never gave me space. in the 3.5yrs we were together there was never a day we didnt have some form of contact. We emailed, texted and or phoned and he would even phone me to tell me things whilst he was driving to see me... He felt he put in all the hard work, and i never asked if he wanted to see me or do something. But the truth is... he never gave me a chance to ask first.


I loved him... i knew that. I couldnt bear the thought of him not being in my life. But i couldnt see where it was all going and i ended up not seeing the wood for the trees. I knew about my feelings... but i didnt know WHY . It made me take him for granted and I never appreciated WHY i felt the way i did about him. Sadley as he backed off as he became unhappy it gave me the space i had craved for and instantly jumped to heal and became the person he longed me to be... but too late.

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