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sorry to ask this but i was just wondering how much would your * * * * * * * hurt after anal sex for the first time even if your partner used lube? also would it depend if the bottom was male or female? (also obviously your partner's tool would be a factor but how much would it hurt?) would it be similar to swamp ass (like sweaty chaffing pain?)

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Etomon might be exaggerating a little... but i have never had that expirience.

My first time was different, keeping in mind the guy in question was endowed.. if you don't go slow and make sure you are relaxed for the next few centimeters and inches it will hurt alot. Your anus almost has a mind of its own, put your fingertip on it and you will see what i mean, it tenses and tightens without you meaning it to. So keep in mind that is what its going to be doing when a penis is going in.

As long as you go slooooow it will be fine. And afterwards it just feels a little weird, like a ball of tissue is between your cheeks where your anus is. But i never had any problems with "leaking" out stuff.. even directly after.

But i use condoms each time so my partner doesnt leave anything up there that is going to come down later without my consent. lol

Also keep in mind that if you havent done anal for a day or so, you will probably have to start all over and be slow as possible. The anus tends to tighten up very quickly when not "in use."

Have fun, anal sex rocks.

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I don't know where entomon got the info from, but it's not like that at all. For me, sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't... and it never really hurts afterword, just during. I have no idea why some days are different than others. But yeah, going in slow is the key. When it doesn't hurt, it's really great, it's a completely different experience from regular sex... I definitely say try it!

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It would hurt like hell. And if you're anal virgin, your butt hole would stretch so large that you'd be leaking quite often so wear adult diapers if you have to be out of your home.


HA HA HA! What the hell E! :splat:


sounds fascinating! I'm soooo ready to do this now! Watch out boys! lol

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EDynamo has a pretty good take. It really depends on both partners here. You have to be VERY patient. Anal should really only be tried by two people who are already very familiar and comfortable with each other. It might be frustrating as well if you can seem to get it to work right away.


I had a GF once, and we were having problems. She just wasn't able to get off very well the traditional way. She wanted to try anal. It was a good guess on her part. I've never been with a wetter partner.


Also, you can buy an anal toy at the porn store, and it works great for working up to something more.


Lube, patience, toys, a sense of adventure. That's about all you need.

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All women are different, but one thing I can guarantee you is that if you are a anal virgin its going to hurt. Also keep in mind that some women actually get more stimulated by anal sex than vaginal sex. So its worth a try.


Remember use a condom, go slow and use lube...

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Everyone on here is right, size matters and speed is a huge issues. you barley move at first and then once in just stop and let her body relax and get used to you. its getting passed the tip is the hard part. one thing not mentioned that I like to do is getting her tail ready before jumping right in. use your finger first or a small toy as your going down on her. and if its her first time and she enjoys something smaller, she wont be so nervous when sex comes into play.

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