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He called again! I'm nervous...


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So my ex just called me again. His message said "hey call me when you get this." I mean for heaven's sake, do I not get a "hey happy new year, hope you are well..." blah blah. No I get a dry demanding message. I guess I was not prepared for him to call me yet, again. I did not answer cause I kinda got a gut wrenching pit filling in my stomach when I saw his name appear. I just really don't know if I should call him back. I'm not sure what he wants to say or talk about. But I'm really afraid that if I call him back, I'm gonna feel like a big pile of you know what.


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roxy, yeah I understand, and yes be careful.... this is exactly how I got re-involved in my ex again... and it still isn't good.


Protect your heart, if he calls again make it short and sweet, don't hurt yourself by letting him back in too quickly, thats what I did, and I regret it to.

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Call him back and find out what he wants. This ignoring calls back and forth has gone on too long. Expect nothing and if you get nothing you want then tell him not to call any more and you won't be calling him either.


But get this sorted one way or the other.

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