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okay, so i had a dream about none other than...

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my ex of 2 years...damn i know.


So we broke up almost 2 years ago. Last night I had a strange dream, probably provoked by the fact that I've been thinking of him lately. Anyway, the dream consisted of my close friend and I somehow bumping into my ex's brother or something. So all four of us ( my ex, his brother, my friend, and I ) end up in some room somewhere. My ex's brother was talking to my close friend. My ex would NOT look at me. It was so bizarre. He looked straight ahead the entire time and I couldn't see his face. It was like I was invisible... or a ghost or something. I almost wanted to be like "HELLLLLOO, I'm here, can't you see me?!" I know this probably doesn't mean anything.. does it?

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Maybe it's your subconscious just repeating how things have been?


Like, I'm guessing that right now you're not in touch with your ex. So possibly this dream is just a rehash of how you're feeling right now. That maybe you're feeling very aware of him, but that he doesn't think of you (like you're invisible/nonexistent to him).

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