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I think posting a friend who's an idiot is very cruel!!

Deep Blue Sea

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I was a member on a different forum and saw this post stating that she's got a e-friend who's an idiot. After I read this kind of post I was totally shocked.. I think that person is referring to me b/c I must admit I am sort of naive. People should not go around stating on posts that a friend is an idiot! I think it's cruel and thoughtless! Also I read that another e-friend of mine stated in that post has a friend who's an idiot. I was so crushed by that statement that I discontinued being their e-pals. What kind of friend is that posting a friend is an idiot, certainly not a friend! That is hurting someone's feelings!

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they think, that because it is the internet, they can say what they like, and be who they like.


just let them be the they are.


if they bother you, then ignore them.

Well then I think they are idiots!! People should not state things like that.. Especially if the person they're talking about is on the same forum.
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Everyone can become a 'keyboard warrior' and say things they wouldn't necessarily say to someone's face. its a sad state of affairs, but part of everyday life on the internet. Keyboard bravado is another name for it.


Of course it might not be about you, but if it is then you've every right to be upset.

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