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New year eve & I am sitting home & wondering


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Hi Guys,


Happy new year to everyone...I am sitting home alone wondering what are my fellas at ENA doing...Past 5 yrs I have been making the same resolution not to be sitting alone at home rather find someone but Alas yet another year gone by...Not only am I still alone but also jobless...


I need all the possible hugs & smilies right now. I pray for each one of us to find happiness, peace & love in the coming year...Hang in there all you guys who r sitting home like me. Our time will also come

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hello sweetiie.. happy new years! don't worry about not having a partner -- they come and go, you'll find them soon enough I had some invites to go out tonight, but decided to stay in and finish up some work before moving to my apartment tomorrow.


It's not as big a deal as people make it out to be in my opinion.. I'm planning to go out with friends this week to compensate, on my own time, for half the price!!! take care... Lily


p.s. I love your username.......hilarious!!! LOL

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