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NYE message - lets compare


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It's just evening here. I don't think I will be getting anything from the ex. I am definitely not going to send my ex anything coz I deleted her ph number!!


I was thinking of texting her sis (a good friend of mine!) Should I include my ex's name in that too?? or should I just wish her sis???

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Is there any other reason for your wanting to text your ex's sis?


I guess not! The only reason I wanted to wish her sis was that I could wish my ex indirectly


I don't want to break NC and I don't want to wish my ex..and not get a reply and feel bad.


Now, if I wish my ex indirectly when I wish her sis, even if her sis doesn't reply, I don't care as she doesn't matter to me as much as my ex!!


Should I go with it or not?? Feeling soo confused

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I wrote a note to post to my ex and drove up to her house but changed my mind as i went to her front door. I drove around for a bit, came back, went to her front door and for some strange reason couldnt get myself to post it, so now it's still sitting in my car!!!

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i was so painfully close to texting my ex last night, i was a little drunk. one more drink and i think i'd have done it.

i wrote out the text as well, cant remember what it said but it was probably something along the lines of telling him im completely okay with everything and i 'really hope' his new years goes well.

i think that whatever sober, dignified part of me, saved me last night.

i woke up so happy that i didnt send it!

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Mine txt'ed twice yesterday...


One early in the day a long txt..saying basically " Happy New Year, cheers and hugs"


Then midnite " Happy new year everyone, all the best" drunk and rubbing txt...


I did not respond to 2nd one but I did respond to 1st one saying " Happy New Year too"

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I got a text at 9 pm saying "happy new year to you. Hug [ex's name]" I replied by saying "Same to you. Hug" I then got a call at 1 am that I didn't answer. I then immediately got a text saying "Geek! Why is your cellphone off? Happy new year to you! Hugs [ex's name]."


I then get a call half an hour later which I answer.


This is the day after I explained my feelings to her and she rejected me. A bit strange in my opinion...

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