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He's not a deadbeat dad!!!


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Ok, my fiance has a child from a previous relationship. They split up before the baby was born and had to move back home, a couple of hours away from his ex and child. He hasn't got a license or a stable job because of him not have a license. He has been trying for a year now... He can't do anything without his license. He tries hard. He wants to see his son but has no vehicle to do so. He hasnt been able to get a good job because of his license situation, thereforeee hes unable to pay child support. He is trying so hard but still has so much guilt for not being able to get anywhere. The mother has brought his son down once so we could see him and said that she would do it more often, but the truth is that she's very lazy. He calls up there to see how things are but everytime she is out somewhere and her mother is watching the baby. The baby's first birthday is coming up in January and he is determined to make it up there. But tell me..is he really a dead beat dad???

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Hmm I'm not really sure, but I wonder are you trying to find an answer or just agreement with your own conclusions? You wouldn't ask such a question if you didn't already know the answer.


It's strange how it works like that eh? IF you are afraid he is a dead beat why do you hang around him? Where there is a will there is a way. People choose their paths in life. Something I always say, life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. He might be been dealt a bum hand, but he's the one who keeps playing with it instead of trading in for a new one, understand?


Your concern should be about yourself. Do you really want someone in your life who is like this? What do you want?

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Sorry, but yeah he is a deadbeat dad, fact of the matter is, even if his son was with him, how would he be able to take care of him? A responsible father wouldn't lose his license, would have a job, and would see his son. The reasons why he hasn't done this aren't important, they are EXCUSES. He is a deadbeat dad, and will continue to be one, until his ACTIONS show that he is a responsible father.


O and the mother is no excuse for him not being there for his child, even if she isn't, that makes him even more needed. The person who is getting hurt the most is his child.

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