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txting trouble


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im actually not dating the person i wish to 'break up' with a while ago i received a txt msg from this person he told me he liked me. i didnt want to hurt him so i responded with 'ive been dumped not too long ago i dont want to be in another relationship right now' it turned out he didnt send the msg but his mate did, though he did admit that he does like me, this was ok...until about 10mins ago...when i received a new years txt of

'and for last shot this year...if i said your body was beautiful would you hold it against me?'

the thing is i dont have any feelings for him i also dont want to date someone i have no feelings for and finally im kind of with someone else but yet to announce it.

i dont want to hurt this guy but how do i txt him back without hurting him and any suggestions of what to say?



i forgot to mention that we both train in a martial art together and i cant avoid him (im not prepared to give up my sport cause of some guy)


***and the plot gets bigger***


ultimatly i chose to ignore him...even after three other txts were sent

when i signed onto msn he had sent an offline msg as well...all ive ignored and deleted, though now i feel really really awful...his msn one was the one that really drove me down it was something like 'yea going to try an offline msg now...i guess im going to take this as your hinting me' man i feel awful

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