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I hate that I'm in Love with him


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This is more of a venting session than anything. There is this guy that I fell in love with but based on circumstances I had to let him go. He has to take care of himself before he can give to a relationship.


It drives me crazy that I just can't call him up and hear his voice. I never told him that I fell in love with him and I really never can because it wouldn't help things. As much as I'm trying to deny my feelings, I'm pretty positive they are valid.


Right now he is very frustrated with me and won't talk to me. I just want to wish him a Happy New Year but don't think it would be good for him or me. I know he is really hurting from the situation as well. I don't even know if he loves me too but I have a feeling he might. It freaked the both of us out that we fell for each other so quickly.


I can't wish him a Happy New Year or anything, can I? The last text conversation before Christmas was semi hostile on his side. I just apologized and said I'm sorry that he is perceiving me as something to "deal with" and "passive aggressive" (which is hilarious because the whole reason he is frustrated is because I am pretty straightforward and brought things up to him). Of course I let him know that I would always be there for him as a friend if he needed it but that was it. He refuses to talk because "Talking makes things worse" which is a reality that he's not ready to make things work at all (for me communication is so huge).


There is nothing I can do. I'm in a world of hurt and cry everyday. I miss him so much. I think it's so rare to fall in love for someone like I have and I wish that things were different for it to work out. To top it off, I'm one of his sister's best friends.


Thanks for listening.

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Just be patient and give things some time to settle and heal a little. Then in a couple of weeks maybe send him a friendly email or txt msg. I'm sure by that point both of your minds will be a little clearer and a little more level headed. Right now the feelings are still fresh and sore. Time is a great healer. I wish the best of luck for the two of you and hope things work themselves out.

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