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Intimidated by girl I like. Advice please. :)


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Hello. So I'm a pretty average college dude, but I've never had awesome luck with the ladies. About a couple months ago, I met an awwwwwsome girl. She's into a TON of the nerdy things I'm into, which is really hard to find in the hick town i live in. unfortunately, this makes her a very very prized commodity around the circle of guys at the college. (It's a small community college and there's like 100 nerdy guys, and like 3 nerdy girls. )


So needless to say I'm very intimidated. She always has guys talking to her, she has a bazillion comments on her pics and snaz on myspace, and shes a very sweet and nice girl to everyone. Plus shes extremely cute. But she has all of this male attention so I feel it'd be impossible to go out with her.


She hasn't shown me any super interest aside from what she shows other guys, just friendship. i wanna take it further but i feel it might be too late, I think shes out of my league and I feel it'd be crazy hard to get together with her...


But she's so awesome...


I dunno. that's the gist of it right there, any advice?

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Sounds much my my situation man. Awesome cute girl with all the same hobbies....


I made 'friends' with her, but she has guy friends and all so that's no accomplishment. I asked her out (romantically) and got a disguised 'let's just be friends' line. Sucked to hear, I know her whole "I'm not dating anyone right now" deal is going out the window when she meets someone she's actually 'into', and I'm ready for that to hurt really bad.


Not that I have had ANY luck WHATSOEVER with girls, but try to make it abundantly clear that you want a 'real' date. You won't know if you don't ask.


I hope it goes well for you, if only so that the karma will come back and help me out.


Just kidding...but not really.

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this all depends on how well you know her. you said its been a couple months. how much have you been talking to her? if you guys are already established as friends, it will probably be hard for her to change her view of you out of nowhere, especially if you haven't sold yourself to her as a good catch. if you haven't gotten to know her well yet, be mindful of the way you present yourself to her. be yourself, of course, but show your positive side. show how much you know about those things that you have in common. DON'T show that you're intimidated by her, and especially that you're intimidated by the other guys after her attention. present yourself as someone just as capable as them. not verbally, or you will come off as either arrogant or trying too hard. but present yourself with confidence. after all, you should be confident. the intimidation is all in your head. you seem like a great guy, so let that show.

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