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I'm sick of it


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I'm so sick of him telling me how he will do this and that, but always ditching me..

And when I tell im upset he tell me to chill out, that this and that came up and he coudnt do it..


Ive always been here for him, always did all he asked me.. and more! When ever he wanted something, help, someone to talk to, a ride, money.. I never said no.. never..


But when I asked, oh ill do it tonight.. then, something came up.. his friends called.. and he would end up saying.. aw sorry, tomorrow I PROMISE!! then next day, I would get ready.. but, aw i cant.. but tomorrow I WILL!!!!

but, nope..


it's been like that for 7 days now..

No matter how I tell him.. Nice, not nice.. rude.. persistent, or passive.. he always do the same thing.. ditch me..


When youve been dating someone for 1 year and half, and that person been your friend for 2 before.. you would hope he would be nicer..


Im just venting, Im sorry

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