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need your help...

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At the minute I just feel like im having the piss taken out of me. if you doint understand Read the other posting iv put on or some of them because they are prity long.


It all feels like a game and I don’t think I have the strength anymore to play it. My life is in bits at the minute and I just want someone to tell me that it will be ok. Iv been here before and I know the old sayings that time is the greatest healer and all the rest but I cant see it right now and I need help.


Im a good person, I know I am, maybe to good. Always put her in front of me, always put everyone in front of myself.


Its all getting to much. I cant see the light anymore but I know its there.

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The light is within yourself. If she is confused that is her problem...don't let it be yours. You have your own life to lead...do not be caught up in her confusion. Walk away from the games. Only if she wants an adult relationship should you bother...if all she wants is games, let her find someone who is as f..d up as her who enjoys games rather than a mature relationship. You have to be able to say to yourself..."screw her"...then you will see the light at the end of the tunnel...recognize that she is no good at this point and she may never amount to any good...that is up to her to either reach her potential or to wallow in the mud...if she wants to wallow in the mud...walk away and let her find a pig.

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