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It's been so long, what's the deal?

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OK, I want to make this is as brief as possible...The reason is, I've been broken up with my boyfriend for six months now and I STILL am not over him! I'm sick of talking about our relationship!


I know if I'd had another boyfriend since then, I would be still not over my ex, but I don't want to have to resort to that. We were long distance, and whenever I see or hear his city on TV (which is all the time...without mentioning his city) I think about him, and I want to change the channel. I still don't listen to music we considered "ours". What's the deal? I basically dumped him (it was mutual after I ranted and raved about how things in our relationship will never change, and I need more), wrote in my diary all the time about how I was so unsatisfied, and generally did not think he was the love of my life (to put it mildly). So why am I still not over him?


I'm beyond being sad and I'm just really, really pissed at myself for this still happening. When I wake up after having dreamt about him, I'm not boo-hooey, I'm like "Seriously...still??" It's awful. I just want it to end, but I can't seem to make it. It's torturous.


What do I need to do? Is this normal, and if so, when will it end?! I'm so frustrated. Oh, I should add that I suffer from manic-depression, and that's not really...helping...but I've been suffering from that for years and years now. Any suggestions?


Thanks everyone. I appreciate you always being here in times of need.

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You know, it might not hurt to reach out at this juncture. People say you can only find closure within yourself but perhaps you need to be reminded why all this happened in the first place. Maybe reaching out and having a heart to hear with this guy is exactly what you need... Allowing your demons to lay to rest.


You know you don't want him back but maybe there's some dusting that needs to be done before this house can be sold... So to speak.

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That's completely normal. For some people, it takes weeks to get over someone, for others it takes months, and then there's those that may grieve the loss of someone for years. It really just depends on the person. My advice is just that you continue distracting yourself as best you can. Six months, honestly, is not as much time as you think. Just keep on pushing on ... *hugs*

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Its bad enough you feel so down sometimes; dont make it worse by getting additionally feeling like you should be over it!! Give yourself time. These things are rough. In so many other areas of life we feel like we should get quick results. In truth, complex things like this take time.


When I hear about the city my ex is from, I also dislike it. The worst part is they have a football team I always hear about on ESPN and it drives me crazy!!!


Im not going to lie. These things are confusing. My ex was completely emotinoally dependent on me. She didnt stand well on her own. I do and I have for a while now. Why am I upset about our break up, while she has easily moved on?! Some of that stuff isnt worth thinking about. I dont think we could ever figure it all out.


The bottom line is things like this take time. 6 months is not some magic time. Just keep going without worrying about how long it takes. Try to be as healthy mentally as you can. Use discipline and try to keep your head above water. If you are manic depressive, do you take medication for it? That seems to help a lot of people.

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