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please give me some tips on/my relationship

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my hubby blushes when we are in public and women look at him. does this mean he is embarressed of me? hehehe...i know it sounds funny but he does. he was the one who wanted to be with me in the first place. it just seems like he forces himself to say i love you. am i doubting him? does it have to be like this? i'd hate to ask him these questions cause he'll think they are stupid. it's true. he blushes!

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Yeah i agree, he isnt embarrassed by you, its just how does he handle it, if a gal flirts with him in front of you, does he be rude to the girl, of course not, does he flirt back, no way, he is just stuck in a difficult situation. so he turns red in the face. hoping you dont get upset.


next girl flirts with him in front of you, tell her with a smile, sorry honey this one is taken, hehe, id like to see his face then. dont do it jealous like, but with a joking matter of fact attitude.


Id love it if my girl stuck up for me like that.

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