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How should I go about this?


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I posted in getting back together becuase my ex was showing signs of getting back together with me or wanting to.


Now last night, she texted me in the middle of the night saying her bf hit her..... i called her etc. She is ok, and thanked me this morning. I asked if he hurt her.. she said "he hit and pushed me.. but I think it was an accident"


I said "hitting and p ushing... and accident"


and she said "yeah im optimistic"




What should i say? how should i go about this? I'm FLABBERGASTED! HOW DO I BITE MY LIP! SHOULD I SAY ANYTHING AT ALL? SHE I TELLL HER how i feel about this?

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This may seem like a strange response, but I think you should back totally away from this.


Or tell her to call her family, friends, neighbor, therapist, abuse hotline, minister, police, social worker, teacher, doctor, anybody... just not you.


And don't even consider getting back with her until she has been out of a relationship with him for a long while.

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