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so this guy that i have been going out with for the past 6 months.....well i'm in love with him and he knows that...but he doesnt truly believe me.

so i need a way to show him that i really do love him...i've tried lots of things...but they never have worked......


also...he might not completely trust me because of what i did in the past before i met him...i was going out with this guy for 3 months and i wanted to break up with him for about 2 weeks and i had one of my very close friends helping me...well he decided to "hook" me and this guy (we'll call him tim) up...well me and "tim" started talking and we realized that we really like each other..so that helped me out with breaking up with my b/f at that time...but see the night before i broke up with this guy "tim" came over and we kissed..so i did cheat...so he is worried that im going to cheat on him...well that was 5 moths ago...and i care about "tim" so much that its unbelievable.....we have went out and broke up about 3 times b/c of trust reasons....but every time i have always went back to him...


well we stopped talking for about a month and just the other night he calls me out of no where and we get to talkin and we're talking about gettin back together now...because we are both ready for a serouis relationship....but i have to gain his trust in me back again....


so i just need some ideas with this on how i can do theses things..i dont want to come of "clingy" or anything like that......please help me


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Just be sincere to him. Gaining trust isn't about how clingy one can be, or how good in bed they are. Be nice to him, polite, care for him, compliment him, all the works. Instead of telling him you love him, show him you love him. Now, I'm not saying don't speak to him, it was just an example.

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Trust takes time. Your actions will speak louder than any words, but there are things to avoid - like even in the most heated argument, saying you're leaving, making comments referring to having left before, personal slams, etc. I know when tempers rise (and hey, it happens to everyone on occasion) it's very easy to slip and say something you absolutely don't mean, but when you're trying to build trust and a sense of permanency, it's important to try to think before you speak. Apart from that, simply being there and a constant will do more than any words can say - don't neglect the words, but when you want someone to be able to depend on you, demonstrating they can speaks louder than anything.

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I think she was looking for useful input, which was her reason for being on the internet, smart guy.


I do have to congratulate you, you're the first person to tempt me to flame in a long time.


Anyways... only other thing I can think of is show you're proud to be with him, introduce him to your friends, parents etc in a way that says he's THE one you want to be with and you're happy to be with him. I don't necessarily mean hang all over him, just make a point to include when you've told your friends and all about being with him etc

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