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phone calls


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I used to dream that he would call. And yet he never did.


Today he has called 9 times.


And I am not answering his calls.


My ex needs money and I know him better than to think its anything more than that.


Times have changed. I no longer need his attention so badly that I would stoop to his level. He can find the money at some other charity organisation...

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Thanks onelastgo and Dako.



It took a heck of a lot to get to this point.


I never thought I would.


Everyone said it would get easier but I couldn't see how - unless he returned to me.


He didn't.


But... fast forward through tears, hopelessness and some really tough times, and here I am. And I feel better than I ever have. And the only thing he has contributed to this new me? His absense from my life. And he can keep it that way...

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