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my girlfriend


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i'm with the other girls. i've got big breasts but a massage? nah

boys and boobs ey!? some freudian obsession i'm sure.

i used to let my boyf just play with my breasts in the morning. he'd have a riot like a little child just fascinated by what was in front of him. i lay there, i can assure you, distinctly uninterested just watching the tele. and to be honest the absolute amazement on his face was an ultimate turn-off!!!

another ex of mine would stick my bra on his head - he was so happy that he could wear one of the cups as a hat. he found it hilarious.

i'm not sure that's the reason they're both ex's but it didn't help matters! ha ha!


by all means as foreplay gentle touching and teasing of the nipple is great but a full-on massage would just be a bit weird. also i'm not sure if it's just big breasted ladies like myself but if too much pressure is applied on the breast itself it really hurts. they're quite heavy and to have them pressing down on your ribcage ain't nice!

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malteser im large cupped too...massages dont do it for me...any kinda squishing of my breast...especially before that time of the month...is painful for me! i dont mind gentle rubbing/licking/nibbling watever to the nipple but a massage?


and men and boobs...still beats me! my boy just LOVES breasts...god knows why...im so similar to you malteser in that ill let him play with them while im just kinda bored haha but it makes him happy and the amazement on his face actually makes me laugh...what an tool hahaha

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