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Friend of a Friend


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So instead of my randomly inputting my opinion into people's topics I need some advice.


So last night (Saturday), my friends (from high school) and I went bowling. After we finished somehow it was decided we would go back to one of the guy's (S) house and go in his spa.


I had to go via my house to get approriate clothing and when I got there some random was there and she introduced herself (B) and said she was a friend of S.


Anyway skipping to whole is she interested crap I didn't get her number cause well frankly didn't wanna seem like a fool if she wasn't interested etc infront of my friends but I did plan on seeing her today (as he works at this shopping centre and my mum was going out today but we didn't go to that one).

Now I'm sure she said she works every Sunday at that place so I could easily go there next week.

Also since I'm semi-resourceful I found her on myspace (cause I knew which uni and which course she did. Seems a bit stalkerish but if she asks luckily for me she has a friend who I have friended as well). But she hasn't logged in since the 16th so don't think thats really an option.


Lastly I could also message me friend, S for her number but I don't think that would be cool.

Though I guess I could say to my friend, S lets go out Sat night and you should invite B though I don't know.


What does everyone else think?


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Perhaps you're putting too much thought into this.

So from what I understand, you met a girl at your house, said hi, didn't think she was interested so you didn't get her number. But you do like her.

You can get your buddy to ask her what she thinks of you, then you can act accordingly without making a fool of yourself.

Or since you know where she works, you can stop by there sometime and chat. Unless she works at a salon or something, that would be weird.

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Sorry we went to my friend's house who has the spa and she is his friend from uni.

And its not so much I didn't think she was interested but more so it was like there were 6 guys and 2 girls (one which was her) so I didn't wanna do anything major

I would of not had much trouble asking for it just I didn't really wanna do it infront of all my friends.


Oh yeah she works at a card shop so it shouldn't be too much trouble seeing her.

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I did. This is what happened.


On Monday I decided to risk the chance of wasting petrol and drive to the shopping centre where she works. I walked past and she was there. Well I came back a little bit later as she was serving customers so I couldn't really talk to her.

So we chatted a little bit and she did mention that I didn't come on Sunday and I poked a bit of fun about her about that.

Anyway I'm assuming this is because of the owner (some older woman was there) that she said She needs to get some work done or something like that.

I asked her for her number and she says get it of S( the friend), tell him you have my permission.

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Well I thought about that and I remember that on Saturday, I think she was suppose to come bowling but she was at work and didn't check her phone (assuming she can't have it on her) so I guess its likely that she doesn't remember her number and she didn't have her phone on her.

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19. Anyway I'm not as interested anymore.

What happened?

Well Sat some of us went bowling (not her and not the friend) and some of us decided to go out to the city afterwards and meet up with the friend. She was with them as well.

Anyway to cut things short she ended up hooking up with this other guy I know who was there last week.


I guess its my inexperience with hooking up with girls that failed but even if I did set something up (which I should of) with her I probably would still not be as interested.

Oh yeah this isn't be a double standard type thing but rather I don't wanna go chasing someone who hooked up with someone I know cause it seems a bit weird. Though I guess its the case with everyone

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