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A month or two ago I stopped logging on to ENA. I had met someone new after being dumped by a woman in June 2007, which was when I first found out about ENA. This new relationship has now collapsed after a very intense start, and for reasons unclear to me, so I'm back here trying to gather my thoughts and learn from others' experiences and insights.


The 1st break-up was hard, because I was crazy about this woman, and both she and I talked about getting married and having a future together. This 2nd one I was unsure about, and realistically the differences in our personalities were great. Still, I loved getting the attention and thinking someone's out there who is attracted to me, cares about me, and checks in with me. I miss that attention and reassurance now that she's gone. She had also helped me in getting over the 1st one. She broke it off just before we were supposed to spend 4-5 days together, including New Year's Eve, always a symbolic night for me on which I don't want to be alone.


2007 has been a tough year, and I hope this coming year brings me and everyone else here the happiness and fulfillment we're all looking for.

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I'll agree with 2007 being crappy, definitely not a highlight year in my life.


That said, to be perfectly honest I think you had a rebound relationship. It's quite probable that you weren't completely over your prior relationship yet and it got in the way of this one, possibly without you realizing it. While I agree that being alone sucks, it may be just what you need to focus on yourself and to heal.


May not be the advice you are looking for, but that's how I see it.

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