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i can't tell if she likes me or if she's taken...

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hey y'all.. i was gonna ask this with my other post, but i didn't wanna make it too long. i'm afraid that deja vu might happen again with this girl i wanna ask out. another girl i asked out a couple weeks ago after we had a lot of eye contact in a class weeks before that turned me down sayin "she has a boyfriend". the one i wanna ask out next week hasn't given me the obvious signals the other girl did, but i think she's been checkin me out. the two times i saw her look in my direction, i then turned to look at her and she turned away immediately. but then, one time, i caught her lookin right at me and we had eye contact for like 3 seconds. she had a blank stare on her face, so it's still hard to believe she was actually starin at me. plus the fact that she's beautiful. i was sittin right near the wall so unless she was starin at that, then it must have been at me. lol.. if i'm right, then i don't know if she's shy cause she likes me or hesitating being more obvious about it cause she has a boyfriend like the last girl. she looks so hot, i wouldn't be surprised if she's taken. practically every girl that goes to my school and every girl i know has a man. cause the last few girls i've asked out there, i struck out. but then again, all of them, except for one, were just random girls that i never saw look at me at all. i wouldn't even think of askin out this incredibly hot girl out if i didn't think she was starin at me. i hope the odds are in my favor b/c this happened once already with the last girl and i don't think this one would be lookin at me at all if she's taken? i at least hope not cause as flattering as that is, i would rather her not look at me if she's just gonna turn me down cause she's taken, u know. that just makes me feel worse. i know it's hard for u guys to assess the situation not being there and i won't know the answer till i ask her for myself, but given the circumstances, what do u guys think my chances are of this really hot girl sayin "yes"?

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Read your post about that girl always looking at you. Just wanted to say I've been in the same situation at work.


There was this real hot and kind 16yr old girl(I'm 19 if that matters) that works there and she was often giving me eye contact and smiling. Talking to me outta the blue and everything. I thought to myself "wow, is she really interested in a guy like me!?" in my mind I thought so. Anyway after a couple of weeks I asked her out, she blushed and said "am, I've actually already got a boyfriend" I felt like crap and still do to this day(this was like 4 months ago) Bottom line is her looking isn't always the answer. Try and smile at her and see if she smiles back. If she does then start joking around with her. If she's interested you can tell by the tone of her voice. Believe me, I know it's hard. This was the only girl I've EVER ASKED OUT. But she had a boyfriend.


Strangely I still catch her looking at me from the corner of my eye, and it breaks my heart knowing I can't have her. I don't know why chicks do it, I obviously thought she was interested same with you and this girl. Anyway the only way to find out is to just talk and get to know her first. Jumping in and asking her out, like I did, might make you look a bit desparate. Take it slow bro!


Good luck!

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i was in the same position as you.. ninjakid. I was turned down as well.. i took it pretty hard but not that i go into depression or anything.. everything for me what i did to that girl i like was the first time.. I'm 22 and i still looking for that someone.. but i dunno.. she still keeps looking at me saying hi and stuff.. but still confuses me.. i dunno what to say..

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Eeeh... i know the feeling. Been there... well not exactly. I came over, she was smooching all over another guy. Clearly... during the couple of weeks where I didn't see her someone else took over.

My advice to you is go for it, I'm realizing if you don't go for what you want quickly enough, someone else. Hey for all you know she doesn't have a boyfriend, but hot girls don't stay single long, so move in before another guy asks her out.

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hey y'all.. u guys made a lot of valid points. the last girl that told me she had a bf, i caught her lookin at me in the corner of my eye the very next class. i keep thinkin, should i have asked her out so quick, could i have done somethin differently, but i can't live life with regrets. same with jeffrey19. u didn't do anything wrong, man. they were both checkin us out. u thought she wanted to go out with u just like how i did with that other girl. but i learned that no matter what we woulda said or when we say it, the same thing woulda happened. i told someone that and he said in case this girl has a bf, just try and be her friend cause if she's lookin at u, then maybe later on down the road, she'll wanna be with u instead. maybe so, but as hot as this girl is, it's no use kiddin myself. if being with her means having to be involved in a love triangle with a bf she's ify about, then i'd rather just put my energy into a girl that's single, u know what i mean. there's too many hot girls out there to put yourself thru that for just one girl. like bluecoconut said in the last post, she may not even have a boyfriend for all i know. guess i'll find out soon enough. i just gotta find a balance between taking the time to get to know her and taking forever to ask her out. what do u guys think about all this?

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Hey, guys! My name is Taylor. If you are confused about girls and relationships email me at: email removed. I will respond to all emails with a careful deduction and advice. Since I am a girl, I have good incite into what your girlfriends and possible admirers are thinking.


I look forward to hearing from you!



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Hey, males, I was wondering if you could help me. I have never been in a relationship before, so I am a little inexperienced at this sort of thing. There is this guy that I like somewhat, but have loved a lot before. I spent all of last school year with him and I really really started to like him a lot. I thought that he liked me too because we would walk down the halls together and he would flirt with me, but he was really cruel at times, when I couldn't tell if he was joking or not, and I knew he liked all of these reeeeeally pretty popular girls, and I thought he couldn't like me. I kept seeing signs though, and he threw staples in my hair, and just did all of these weird things around me and his friends would all laugh at me jokingly (but they still hurt me), but when we were alone he would be nice and sweet and tell me I would make the soccer team...etc. I thought I had to tell him that I liked him, so at the end of the year, I did. I wrote him a note (that was pathetic, but I meant what I said *rolls eyes*) where I told him why and how much I liked him (not saying I loved him of course, but that I liked him for such traits...I didn't get a response until later that day when one of my guy friends went and asked him if he liked me and he said no, and shrugged. I didn't hear from him at all for a long time last summer, but finally he emailed me and told me he "liked me a little but never a lot", after I had mostly gotten over him. Then I really started to like him again. It was confusing when he signed his email "Love, Thomas" and I was shocked, thinking "Maybe he DOES like me?!?!?!" Anyway, he has been going on and off about acting like he likes me, and then not, but we haven't had a real conversation since last school year, unless you call emailing talking. He has been looking at me lately and I don't know why...what is the deal...? Does he like me or not? I know I have done many things wrong, but why is he avoiding me, but not eye-contact?


Thanks, Taylor

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I know what you are talking about it has happened to me, but the diference is that the girl is looking at me and flirting and the boyfriend is like right there, it happened twice in a discotec and it felt really discomforting i normally dont pay attention, i dont like getting involved with girls with boyfriends.

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