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Advice on what to do about Tics and excessive energy.


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Hello again.


So yea, overall I'm a veeerrrry energetic college. I love running, playing frisbee, exercising and just generally being very involved physically in what I'm doing.


However, with the coming of winter and tons of snow, I've come accross a problem that always comes out in full swing around this time of year, nervous tics.


I've always been a fidgety person when I'm bored. But usually that just means my leg tapping or fidgeting with a pencil in class. But when I sit around for too long I get some pretty noticebly bad tics, like I'll grind my teeth, from on side to the other, I'll blink a lot, hard blinks, like one eye than the other. I'll crack my knuckles and and I'll wiggle my toes like my life depends on it. (I've actually given myself calluses by doing this. xD)


these tics don't hurt me mentally or anything, I get awesome grades and all, they're just reaaly annoying that i can't stop and they're detramental to my social skills, (Not exactly attractive >.>)


Now this isn't USUALLY a problem in warm weather because in summer or whatever as soon as class is over or as soon as a long car ride ends I can release my pent up energy outside and all.


But In winter it's reeealy hard. It's always -3329 degrees outside and if I try doing jumping jacks or aerobic stuff I freeze and catch a cold. And I can't climb trees or poles like I like to do in winter either.


So all that energy really builds up and gets to me and I look like a * * * * * * * with all my tics. Sometimes I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to do some pushups or somthing just to get rid of the tension. but then i come back to class tired as hell and I sleep through class xD


Now I don't want to be on anything like ritalin because that stuff is for kids, I hate the thought of my passion for life being repressed and acting like a robot.


But seriously, these tics have to stop. Plus, I'm tired of being fidgety all the time, no matter what season it is im always a little fidgety, I just can't sit still XD


So um yea, any help?

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It could be normal for you? Have you asked a doctor about this? I'm not trying to scare you, and I'm not a doctor, but it could be an underlying muscle problem? Or you could be a very nervous person.


Do you notice your heart beating faster than usual, around the same time as the tics? You could be overly stressed, too?

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Ritalin or other sedatives or anxiety reducers such as Valium (worth a try) are NOT robot inducing pills. They simply take the edge off. So it may be you, without your ticks. I understand where you're coming from, but it honestly does not repress who you are. You are still you, just calmer. Its NOT as bad as you seem to be afraid. Why not find out some more information on it before you rule it out. Prozac for instance could work.

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Yeah, it could be ADHD. A friend of mine in middle school had it and it can be irritating. Talk to your doctor and see what he/she says. Be careful with valium, as there's a high risk of dependency.


If anything, watch what you eat. Sugar might not be the source of you problem, but excessive sugar is never good. Eating healthy does the body wonders.

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I find that I can viuslize my nervous energy, its like small storm, once I could do this I found I could move it from my body, Twhichy legs and rocking to my mind, fast flickaring images and sounds. If I moved it to my body I would figet but have a still mind, if in my mind, still body but head spinning.


I know sounds nuts but then again I am nuts so what the hell.


Once I could place this Figget strom in my head I worked on using it, brain stroming is one way, I mean train of thought thinking, mad juxtapostions spilling out into thought trains.


what are thought trains, well they just playing with whats in your head, mixing things to see what you get, you need a seed idear, life


What would the world be like of the sun was dimmed,

Who could we stop globel worming with out big bussness and giverments

What is the most fun you can have with soup


that kind of thing,


I find now I figget in my head


as for ADHD well in the over stimulation environment and high fat and sugar diet we have today is it any wonder


How much Coffe you drink?

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