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Do You Ever Feel That You Have More In Common With Another Race Than Your Own Race ?

Night Pumpkin

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hi Friends,


A little while ago I created a thread about how I felt more at home in a Filipino church than my church.


For a long time, I have felt that I have more in common with Filipino people than most other Caucasion people I know.


Here are some specific areas which are important to me where I feel I have more in common with most Filipino people than most Caucasion people around me:


1. Being extremely family orientated

2. Rejecting materialism and having a successful career as a path to happiness.

3. Strong religious convictions.

4. A highly idealized idea of romantic relationships.

5. Generally cheeful attitude, even in light of difficult circumstances

6. Being an immigrant. I am an immigrant from Australia. Many people forget that white people can also be immigrants, and that they suffer the same feelings of isolation, cultural loss, and pain as other immigrant. So in that way, me and filipino people have something in common- our stories of being a new immigrant into Canada.

7. Being very mature for my age.

8. Being good looking (haha, just had to add that one in.....)


So does anyone else feel the same way ????

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Well being a first generation American, I find that I relate better with other first generation Americans and people who come from other countries.


There's something about the culture in this country that feels a bit off to me. Even when I meet the so called friendly people from the south or the midwest. There's always something that feels a bit superficial and insincere.


Of course there's always exceptions.

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Hmm. No. But some of my favorite people are Filipino! I do find that the Filipino community, at least in my city, is strong and family orientated and that works very well for me. My friends in the Filipino community value a lot of the same things as me.


Now if only they would stop bugging me about getting married right now!!


I don't really relate to any one community, which is a bit weird, but I guess it is what it is. I'm Canadian - and Canada to me is the great land of immigration and mixed nuts!


Being of mixed heritage myself, I find it hard to think "RACE"., I don't know, perhaps it doesn't make sense, but I think more in terms of "CULTURE".


Some cultures I find easier to relate to, and the Traditional Farming Cultures aren't here aren't really easy for me to "get" 100%, it's just never sat correctly with me.


I'm all over the place here. But just saying. Even though I grew up in Prairie land of the Farmers, in a small town, where it all revolves around it, (and white, and xenophobic, let's not play here)....I have not felt comfortable identifying myself with that culture.


Whatever works for you. Good people who we relate to come in a lot of different forms, right.

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